Monday, September 1, 2014

The -BER months are here!

Homaygad, it's September 1st!  And this means, Christmas is just around the corner! I know it's still months away but this day marks the beginning of the Christmas countdown, most especially for Pinoys.  If I'm in Pinas, I'd be hearing Christmas carols being played already. And perhaps, see Christmas decors being sold in stores.  Geesh, how I miss those things. 

Except for Christmas and New Year, there's a lot of other celebrations to look forward to during -BER months: our wedding anniversary this September (still no idea what to get the hubby or what to do on the day itself), my lola's, aunt's and uncles' birthdays on September and October, our BF-GF anniversary on November (yes, we still celebrate it! Kesoooo!) and my sister's birthday on December.  Shempre, there are also reunions and a lot of get-togethers during the holidays. Hay, if only I'd be able to go home for the coming holidays.  Yes, there will be celebrations with friends here too, but nothing can beat Christmas and NY celebration in Pinas. I'm pretty sure my fellow kabayans would agree with me on that. 

As with everything, it's always better to start early. So that means, we need to start preparing for our Christmas wish list. Err, I mean our gift list! Too bad I can no longer use the "But I'm unemployed" excuse for this year. Hahaha!  So for my godchildren, ninang will make bawi this year. If last year, I only sent you virtual hugs, this year there will be lots of virtual kisses as well!  

How about you, what are the things you are excited about these -BER months? 

By the way, if you want to keep track of the number of days left before Christmas, check out this link.  You might want to set it as your homepage, so you'd get some sort of panic attack whenever you see it. 
Hahaha! Just kidding!

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Monday, August 25, 2014

It's been a year...

I always say, "Time flies." But last week, 'twas one of those times when I really meant it.  Of course it doesn't mean I was lying on the other times I've said it, it's just that last week, tagos sa buto ang pagsabi ko ng…"grabe, ang bills ng panahon."

Why?  Because it's been a year na pala since I left Pinas. 

Last year, I finally made the decision to leave PH and join my husband here in UAE.  I admit, it was not easy.  I have my family, my friends and a career in PH.  I was used to living alone since I stay in Manila for work and seldom go home to my family in the province.  We've been married since 2009 but it was last year when we felt it's time to be together.  We are not that prepared for the big change. But what the heck, it's now or never na kumbaga.  It was actually the make or break of our relationship.  Mostly, I was scared.  Not that I don't want to be with my husband, but I was scared what will happen to me.  Will I find a job?  What if I don't and I used up all of my savings? I am not used to asking money to buy things I need.   If there's something I want, I get it myself.  I don't make asa. But then it hit me…when I got married, there should no longer be "me" but "us." And why the hell should I worry about running out of savings?  I'm sure my husband will take care of me.  He always did and always will.  It's just a matter of me getting used to asking, that's all.  

So for this post, type ko mag-walk down the memory lane...

My last day in ADB:

 Of course, I wasn't really crying! Hahaha.

This was my 3rd cubicle in ADB since 2009.  
(May oil blotting sheet pa talaga!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

MAC Nail Transformations Collection...

If you love collecting nail polishes then this collection from MAC will definitely make your heart skip a beat.  Well, mine did! (Though I don't really collect nail polishes...yet!)

MAC teamed up with Marian Newman, a former forensic scientist, to come up with a collection of nail lacquers and topcoats designed to give your nails a stylist twist. Choose any base color then use any of the top coats and have fun in coming up with endless possibilities of colors and effects.

To give you an idea, here are some photos from Janine of Imabeautygeek (check her blog post here) showing how amazing these top coats are:

She used this Revlon black polish as base

And look how the color transformed with each of the top coats from the collection:

 Now, isn't that amaze-balls!?

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Hairstyling Product I Don't Think I Can Live Without…

Do you have fine, limp hair like I do?   If you do, what hair styling products do you use to give it some volume? I've tried wax, gels, mousse and hair sprays but most of them just makes my hair looking greasy at the end of the day. Also if I used too much (which happens a lot), I just end up getting the opposite of what I'm trying to attain. And some can be such a pain to wash off your hair.  So yes, I came to a point that I had enough of these hair styling products.  But with my hair this short, I don't think I can just give up that easily.

When I had my last haircut last July, the hairstylist recommended a product which according to her is so good, she has no doubt  that I'd like it. I was skeptic at first, thinking that she's just trying to sell me some products, but she said she'll try it on me after the haircut so I can see it for myself.  And so after trimming my hair and giving life back to it after a not-so-good styling from another salon, she used the product on my hair while it's wet and blow dried it a bit. My hair really got volumized which is usual after a blow dry.  But what really had me sold was when I was able to style it by just running my fingers starting from my nape going up. Tumayo ang hair ko! It was like I've used hair wax.  I then gave it a few scrunching and some twirling and whoa, my hair was actually keeping up. I can feel some texture on my hair but it's not something heavy or greasy.  It just makes styling it a lot easier!

So what product is it? It's the:

 Davines Sea Salt Primer For Wizards
(AED 70)
Gives texture and lots of volume to hair, as well as some control: for that casual uncombed look with the dry and full body effect typical of beach hair.

Now I'm not sure why it says For Wizards but I guess it really has some sorcery in it, as it truly does magic on my hair. Hehehe!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Product Review: Dermalogica After Sun Repair..

Do you like basking out in the sun to get a nice tan but hate ending up feeling toasted and red all over?  I once experienced getting sunburnt and it was really not a good thing at all.  My skin felt so irritated and sore.  It's so painful, and the peeling after? Ugh, terrible!  From then on, I try to stay away from too much sun if possible.  

During my vacation in the Philippines last April, me and my family went to the beach.  My sister who is so fair wanted to get a tan so she decided to get overdosed under the sun.  She did get a tan but it was mostly on her bottom, LOL!  Her ass (at least the part not covered with her bikini) went from being too red to looking like it has been toasted.  She was complaining the next day because her skin feels so sore, sensitive and burning. We didn't have any aloe gel to relieve the discomfort at that time so we just made her apply some lotion.  It did help a bit, but only for a short time.  We were laughing so hard because she said she can't even sit properly because her ass feels so irritated.  

When I went back to Dubai and got a few gifts from our friends from PR, I wished I have gotten it sooner.  Why? Because it includes this:

Dermalogica After Sun Repair
(AED 175)
A cooling treatment balm to remedy damage from exposure to UV sunlight. This lightweight gel helps calm skin and reduce irritation induced by sunburn.

It contains Chamomile, Clove, Cucumber, Szechwan Pepper, Lavander and Yuca. It also contains extract of Japanese Alder which scavenges free radical and accelerates the repair of UV-induced damage after sun exposure.

When I got back to Dubai and summer started kicking in, I told my husband not to ask me to go to the beach as I would say NO right to his face. Hahaha!  So I thought, I won't be able to use this at all.  But I was wrong.
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