Thursday, October 30, 2014

La Martina at the Harper's Bazaar World of Fashion 2014...

Last two weeks ago, I got an invite to check out La Martina's latest collection at the Harper's Bazaar World of Fashion at the Mall of the Emirates.  I honestly had to think twice if I would attend because, isn't it obvious, fashion is not my thing! I mean, I wish I can be fashionable…I tried, and I still keep on trying but I guess, it's just not one of my few talents. Hahaha!

But then I realized that maybe, I can get to learn a thing or two if I would start attending such events.  So I said yes and I'm so glad I did, because I got to see all the action from the front row! 

La Martina is a sports and leisure clothing brand from Argentina and a known icon of the royal sport, horse polo.  It's also an official supplier of jerseys and equipments for most world polo tournaments. Through the years, it also became a go-to brand when it comes  to fashion in and out of the polo field. 

Looking at what the models strutted on the catwalk, their clothes are stylishly elegant, yet casual. 

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Best Anti-Acne Products For Me: Laroche-Posay Effaclar...

My absolute skin saver:  Laroche-Posay Effaclar Duo and Effaclar AI

I first got to know about these French skincare products from Digitaltraincase when I was still in Manila.  That time, my skin was fairly normal and I was on the look out for maintenance products that will make my skin stay as such.  I got the Effaclar toner, Effaclar Duo, Effaclar K and Effaclar A.  I've finished a bottle of the toner (and loved it) but as for the rest of the products, they had to take a back seat because I didn't really find the need for them at that time.  My main issue has always been the scars left by nasty breakouts, so I jumped in to another set of skincare products that focuses on that.

When I got here in the UAE, my skin took months to adjust. So again, break out galore. Probably because of the water? Maybe.  Then when the cold season kicked in, it just totally went haywire. And guess what, I also started getting back acne.  When it rains, it really pours…indeed!   

Then on one of my trips to Boots (which is my new Watsons, by the way hahha) I again came across these Laroche-Posay products.  I got the Duo and AI but unfortunately, the Effaclar Toner is not available here.  So I got their Physiological Soothing Toner instead. Those three products made the condition of my skin turn 180 degrees in just 2-3 weeks!  My face and my back just stopped breaking out and when I felt that my skin has finally calmed down, I jumped back in to using Obagi to help with the scars.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My October 2014 Glambox...

'sup my loves!? It's midweek (at least in this part of our world) and I'm sure like me,  you can't wait until it's again the weekend. What are your plans?  

For me, I'm expecting this weekend to be busier than my usual eat-sleep-watch tv, because there's a few errands hubby and I need to do, a kids' party and a crash course training for my new job. Oh yeah,  I am moving to a new job. I'd tell you about it later but for now, I can tell you that I'm scared. Scared because it's gonna be something new for me and it was decision I've thought long and hard.  Geesh,  I still have second thoughts about it to be honest but I already made a decision.  I just hope and pray that this change will be worth it and that this is  indeed something that I need to do for now.  SIGH.  Hay Lord, ikaw na po bahala.

Anyways, another month is ending it's again time for unboxing a beauty box from Glambox Middle East!  Unlike last month's box, this came early. I got it just before the weekend last week and now I'd be sharing with you what I got. I'm not sure if everybody else got the same stuff though.

October 2014 Glambox

Before you freak out and ask why there are only 4 items in the box, let me tell you that I only took a photo of the beauty items but there are tons of vouchers included!  So keep your cool, okay? Hahaha!

Caudalie Divine Oil

Ever since I switched to using body oils (from lotions) after I take a shower at night, I never looked back. Body oils keep my skin more hydrated and moisturised, and I just love how they get absorbed faster.  And the scent lasts longer too!  My current favourite is the Radiant Oil from The Body Shop's Wild Argan Oil collection and since I have been using it every night, I am almost done with my first bottle. So I got this just right on time! I've read a lot of good things about this oil from Caudalie and one thing that piqued my interest almost immediately is the fact that aside from you can use it on your hair and body, you can also use it on your face.  Hmm, I'm just not sure if I'd be using it on my face though.  I applied this all over my body after taking a shower last night and I love it. The scent is not as strong as the argan oil so you won't need to worry about it overpowering your perfume if you use this as an after shower-body oil in the morning.
Sunday, October 26, 2014

Clarins Autumn 2014 Makeup Collection...

For autumn, the essentials are matte, tones of nude, beige and auburn.  I know some may see neutrals as boring (like I used to!) but with Clarins Autumn 2014 collection called Ladylike, it's all about elegance, natural beauty and femininity. 

Let's try to get to know each product in the collection:

Perfect Eyes and Brows Palette
(AED 210)

If there's one item I'd like to get my hands on from this collection, it will be this!  It has 3 powder shades that you can also use as eyeshadows for a simple, neutral look, a nude pink shade eyeshadow that can be used on the inner corners of the eyes or just below the browbone to highlight and a transparent wax to keep those unruly brow hairs primped all day.  You also get a tweezer, a spoolie and an eyeshadow applicator.  

Eye Quartet Mineral Palette
(AED 230)

This palette includes shade of soft beige, intense dark brown and two taupes. It can be used wet or dry and since they are of satin-finish, this palette is perfect for those with mature skin as they won't highlight or accentuate creases or wrinkles on the eyes.  

Blush Prodige in Tawny Pink
(AED 180)

Infused with bamboo powder and tomato extract, it gives the cheeks that most-coveted, natural healthy glow. It looks like a dark mauve and with some gold specks on the pan but after checking swatches online, it looks almost matte. 
Friday, October 24, 2014

Our Crab Fest Experience at Chimes...

I love seafood. Good thing I am not allergic to it like some people or else, I'd be miserable. Oh alright, I'm exaggerating.  But really, I just can't imagine my life without my favourite sweet chilli or steamed crabs and shrimps!  I know that some people don't really like seafood because it can be messy to eat them, but I don't mind at all.  C'mon, what's not fun with eating with your hands?  

So when I got an invite to check out Chimes' Crab Festival, the seafood lover in me just couldn't say No.  

Chimes is a small restaurant located in Barsha (Dubai) which offers an extensive menu of specialties from Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. 

The interiors are  simple and they have an open kitchen so you can see their chefs working on their magic while you wait for your food.  They only have 5-6 tables in the restaurant and I heard the place can be jam-packed during weekends so make sure to make a reservation first.  

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