Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Something New: Boots No7 Early Defence Skincare

Prevention is ALWAYS better than cure. If you don't agree then stop reading this blog right at this moment. 
But with all seriousness, I know that you'll all agree on my first statement is absolutely correct.  When it comes to our skin, it is never too early to start taking care of it  and making sure that we keep all skin problems at bay. The earlier we try to avoid aging, the better.
On that note, let's all welcome (with open arms, I should say) the newest anti-ageing skincare line from Boots. 
No7 Early Defence Skincare
No7 Early Defence Skincare
This new skincare line is consists of a day cream, a night cream and an eye cream. The line works as a stepping stone to help in the transition from everyday skincare to proactively delaying the signs of ageing. 
The key to this new skincare range is No7's new and most effective patent pending daily protection called Double Defence, combined with the brand's unbeatable 5* UVA Technology.  With these two combined, Double Defence gives skin advanced daily protection from the sun and environmental stress to help keep it looking younger for longer.
Patent Pending Double Defence Technology contains:
Ginseng and Mulberry - both are rich in polyphenols which are effective against superoxides which gets produced on the skin when you get exposed to sunlight or pollution.
Vitamin C - effective against Ozone, which is formed from ultraviolet light and atmospheric electrical discharges.
Lipochroman and Vitamin E - both are effective against singlet oxygen, an incredibly damaging free-radical produced from being exposed to UVA.
Rice peptides and Alfalfa - these are effective inhibitors of age-accelerating enzymes (MMPs) in the skin. They are produced by the skin to help in self-repair. 

Monday, November 23, 2015

Tried and Tested: Kaya Skin Clinic Aqua Radiance

The last time I had a facial was last August and that was when I was still in PH.  It's been a while yes, but you see I can be quite picky when it comes to entrusting my skin to a facial clinic. I mean, aren't we all?  Well I guess not everybody, but seriously, we should all be. 
So when I got the chance to try out a facial treatment from Kaya Skin Clinic, I didn't think twice. Not because I know I'd be getting the service for free, but because they are known to be one of the trusted skincare clinics here in the UAE. As a blogger, I also sometimes get an invite to try out skin treatments but I don't always say "Yes."  You might think I'm being a diva, but I am definitely not. I'm just being careful as I don't want to be just grabbing anything free that comes my way and then end up being sorry or ranting online when it doesn't turn out good.  And remember, it's my skin we are dealing with here.  I'm sure you'd do the same.
Anyway going back to the treatment, I chose to go for the Kaya Aqua Radiance. I chose it because it kinda reminded me of the Oxygen Facial that I always go for whenever I visit my derma back in PH. The latter really helps make my skin glow and look rejuvenated, and that's exactly what I need now that stress is taking its toll on my skin.
For the clinic branch, I decided to go to the Abu Dhabi Mall branch with their clinic located at the Ground Floor.





 For inquiries and reservations, give them a call at 02 6435030
Prices of their treatments are not posted on their website but no worries because they will be more than glad to provide you with that info plus other concerns you might have.

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Essie Cashmere Matte Nail Polish Collection

Nail polish addicts, here's one more reason to rejoice and add a bottle or two (or more) to your collection...

ESSIE Cashmere Matte Collection
ESSIE Cashmere Matte Collection

The nail polishes are created with a soft matte finish with a gorgeous reflective pearl colour. There are 6 available shades all of which are inspired by a luxurious neutral color palette of rich cashmere.

Spun in Luxe
Black base with blue shimmer

Wrap Me Up
Whitish Beige

Just Stitched
Baby Pink with blue shimmer

Friday, November 20, 2015

Keep Your Skin Looking Young With Dermalogica Overnight Retinol Repair

 Dermalogica is a skin care company whose product portfolio includes cleansers, exfoliants, toners, masques, treatments targeting specific skin concerns, moisturizers, sun protection, as well as acne treatment products for younger skins.  Men don't need to fret, as Dermalogica offers products for both men and women. Their packaging is pretty straightforward too. No fancy packaging here as you'd see that their products are mostly packaged in simple white and silver/gray packaging. Their products have been tested and proven effective, hence their confidence that they don't need a flamboyant packaging just to capture attention. They are the kind of products you'd be looking for in an ocean of products with fancy and extravagant packaging. Simply because, you know they work. And they do because these products are being used by skincare professionals themselves.
I've used a number of their products and if you're interested on how it fared on my skin, check my review here, here and here. And oh, I've also tried one of their facial treatments and it's still one of the best I've tried. Read on my experience here.
And now, Dermalogica has done it again by launching the first-ever customizable retinol treatment.  The product is called the Overnight Retinol Repair which promises to accelerate skin renewal, reverse signs of photo-aging, improve skin tone and increase skin firmness.  Because it's customizable, it allows users to enjoy the benefit of retinoid depending on their skin needs.
Thursday, November 19, 2015

Swatches and Review: Make Up Forever Plexi Gloss in 104, 204 and 406

Make Up Forever Plexi Gloss
Make Up Forever Plexi Gloss
(AED 95)
Make Up Forever launched this range of lip glosses a few months back and from the swatches I've been seeing online, I just knew these are worth checking out.  They are highly-pigmented, ultra-shiny lip glosses which also come with a promise that they stay put and  that they don't bleed. 
This line has a wide selection of shades, starting from the softest to the most show-stopping and is divided into 5 categories: 100s are nudes, 200s are corals, 300s are pinks, 400s are reds and the 500s are the artsy shades.
Make Up Forever Plexi Gloss in 104, 204 and 406
swatches of 104 - 204 - 406

Make Up Forever Plexi Gloss in 104
Shade #104
This shade is a beautiful soft brown which I think can be a great topper on most lipstick shades.  It's nude, but no worries as it won't make you look like a zombie when worn on its own.

Make Up Forever Plexi Gloss in 104

These glosses have this funky-looking split-tip applicator but it really does a good job in applying the color evenly and easily on the lips. It packs on a good amount of product on the wand and it's flexible, making it easy to reach the inner corners of the lips and on the shape of your cupid's bow.
Make Up Forever Plexi Gloss in 104

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