Monday, December 31, 2007

shopping for my new place...

I was supposed to be on-leave for the rest of the holidays but i decided to go to Manila last Dec 27 to do some shopping for my new nest :D i had a list, but as usual, wasnt able to get all the things i needed. shopping alone is hard and very tiring, unless i am shopping for makeup. but at times like this, i would prefer to be with somebody.

here's what i got for my new place:
i got some floor mat (supposedly to be used for bathroom floors but i intend to use it under my bed since the flooring has no tiles, just plain cement), an electric stove, a pink teflon pan, some paper towels, bathroom organizer and other abubots. (hehehe, can't help but pass by watsons eh)

and another thing i hate about shopping? that would be the long line of people waiting for taxis:

lookie! i stood and waited for almost an hour... :( i was also disappointed since i wanted to do more shopping because they have lots of clearance sales!!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

my xmas eve and xmas day EOTDs...

mom got her MPMs from MAD and i got so inggit with her shades of fusion, cat's eye and 24k gold...kaya inunahan ko na shang gumamit. hehehe..
here's my eotd last xmas eve:

used: MAD MPMs in fusion (outer lid) and cat's eye (inner lid), Elianto's false eyelashes mascara

For xmas day naman, shempre, nakigamit ng MAD MPMs ulet! hehehe...this time, i'm wearing pink and yellow naman. And though its not usual for people in the province (yep, promdi po ako!) to see girls wearing shimmering eye makeup in broad daylight...wala akong care. :D

used: MAD MPMs in 24k gold (inner lid), fusion (outer lid), elianto sparkling white as highlighter (browbone pero hindi na-obvious lol) and elianto false eyelashes mascara, red earth blush in tender love and revlon pink in the afternoon l/s.

forgive me for my horrible eyebags (as usual) because we stayed until 2am and had to wake up at 7am so we can hear mass at 9. o di ba, lagare!? hehehhe

my xmas gifts...

i may have not gotten what's in my ultimate wish list, but i enjoy my gifts nevertheless:

oo na, ano ba naman yung PSP slim and that uber gandang limited edition ng Smashbox Decadence brush set da's not enough reason for me not to be merry this xmas. just don't keep on rubbing it in. hahahaha...kidding!

still being like a kid, i opened my gifts with much excitement and here's what i got:

a coach-coachan bag (im not into bags anyway, lalo pa sa branded bags..basta may bag ako, yun na yun..hehe), a shirt dress, a kikay kit which i doubt would be enough to carry my entire kikay essentials for a day..but it has a mirror inside o di vah...a watch and a butterfly necklace and a flower lampshade that changes its color. hehehe...simple abubot things maybe but i loooveee them! it just shows that they really know me, i may look magastos and maselan when it comes to stuffs but in reality, simple lang po ako. i love abubots!

let me show you a closer look of my abubots:

these were given by my tita who knows how much i adore abubots. they may not cost a thousand bucks but who cares!? like ko sila eh and i'm not into high-end products naman..basta cute, go ako jan!

so sa mga gustong magbigay ng gifts jan, wag kayong matakot hehehe...hindi naman ako mapili. pero as of this time, i only have 2 wishes left...the psp slim and the brush set! nyahahhaa....kiddin' :P

Monday, December 24, 2007

ngarag looks...

and just to give you an idea of how ngarag i was (and still is) for the past week because of work and finding a new place (moving out and moving in...damn! what a very good timing no!)...let me give you a peek of myself during those days.

taken last 12/20 after work around 5-ish am. just look at those horrible eyebags! they're bigger than my eyes!

again taken after work, around 6am a few minutes before i started moving out the rest of my abubots from my old place and move them in to my new place. as in ngarag to death pero shempre, picture pa din! buti na lang i was wearing my MUFE mat-velvet foundie, my makeup's intact pa din from 11pm until the time this pic was taken. (hehehe, just a bit of review for my fave liquid non-mmu foundie)

my Silk Naturals loot...

yey... i finally got my loot. though the package arrived more than a week ago, mom made me wait until i go home for the holidays before i can get my hands on this. (hmp, that was torture mom! ehhee) i got the foundation sample kit where i got the samples of their 3 colors to be mixed with their white foundation, samples of their perfecting powder and the dual-ended eye brush. they even included 2 generous amount of e/s samples in my 2 fave and green.

haven't got the chance to mix the foundation shades yet and try the rest of the items yet...will post a review soon once i get the chance. ngarag pa lola nyo sa paglilipat this week.


Tuesday, December 18, 2007

12/18/2007 FOTD/EOTD

i wanna look happy and colorful today so i decided to wear yellow and orange shades for my eyes. i was actually trying to imitate a look i saw online but as usual, i never even got close to looking like it.


OM e/s in Soleil, Elianto e/s in orange, Aubrey Nicole blush in Coral (used for the eyes), Red Earth blush in Tender Love and Revlon Pink in the Afternoon l/s

when i got in the office, i got the exact opposite of my expectation. my colleagues told me that i look more tired and haggard (ouch, it hurts) oh well...i guess i need to experiment more on colors.

weekend FOTDs/EOTDs

and the super trying hard to do eyemakeup and yet doesnt know how to blend is back. hehehe...below are some of my eotds/fotds last week:


Monave MPM in Rose, OM e/s in High Tide (or Marina ata), Mad e/s in candlelight and Aubrey Nicole blush in Eden



Elianto e/s in Yellow and Sky Blue (hanep sa color description LOL) and MAD e/s in candlelight for the browbone

yep, i do know i look like a gold fish. sabi nga ng mom ko, kulang na lang nasa loob ako ng aquarium!



Elianto E/s in purple and silver white topped with OM e/s in antique silver

a review on Elianto Brightening Eye Treatment Patch

remember the weekend when i went nuts and super mega shopping ang ginawa ko? when i was at Elianto (hoarding e/s), and being a worry-wart when it comes to my super pangit na undereyes, this eye treatment patch got me i got it as well:

at syempre, atat ang while i was doing my pot-session (mmu addicts, you know what i mean hehe) i tried it. hmm, when you open the pack, the 12 pairs are not individually packed. so careful careful in getting a piece. i put it on, and yep, i did look stupid:

ehhehe...a piece is so big that it's almost enough to cover my cheek. feels cold and relaxing. after 10-15mins it will get dry and you would have to peel it off from the sides. i dunno if nangangarap lang ako but my undereyes did look firm and looked refreshed. but of course, it's just temporary. the next day, i was back to my horrible eyebags. i guess this is for those days when you need to do something drastic to your eyebags para makeup would look better. or baka you would need to do this everyday. i haven't tried it again eh.

heck, ang useful ng review ko no? LOL. price is hmm.. (nakalimutan pa talga) i think P200-P300.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

previous eotd and fotds...

la ako magawa ngayon so i'm gonna post some of my fotds/eotds taken days ago. please bear with me as i know nothing about blending heheh

above pics were taken during our Xmas Party last December 2 at Rockwell Tent. Theme was Back to the 80's hence the outfit (which you can't see obviously and the heavy makeup) I was trying to portray like an 80's punk but i think i ended up looking like a pickup girl in Makati Ave more. (LOL)

In here i've used MUFE Mat Velvet foundie and Fasio 3d e/s in smokey (yata). I tried to wear a red lipstick but i really feel i do look like a pokpok if i wear red lip shades (sorry for the term :) )

In the above eotds naman, i made use of my MAD e/s in hmmm...greens lol. Sorry, promise next time i'll take note of the shades. again sorry for the blending...i think i dont even know what that term means.

Above pics naman were taken last December 5. I think (again i am not sure) i just used a single BE e/s and then a feliner from Meow. Foundie used was Monave Caroline. i dont really have an idea as to what shade of e/s i've used. My best guess was the e/s i've bought from Watercolors.. and of course, the Monave Caroline foundie :)

What shades? i don't have an idea. LOL

ahh, these ones i remember. i bought this e/s from prestige, it has like hmmm 4 colors. shempre, feeling blue daw ako kahit red na red ang outfit ng lola. para lang akong natutulog sa last pic no? hehehe...

promise (i'll try my best) to indicate what shade of which i've used for each eotd/fotd. for now, ignore na lang muna. hehehe...please bear with me..i really want to learn how to wear makeup, and i know i suck at it. but i am trying! :D

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

my OM thanksgiving sale loot...

ordering samples from Oceanmist days before their thanksgiving sale didn't stop me from ordering again. of course, i felt stupid for not being patient and for totally not anticipating that they'll have a sale soon. with the help of my ever-nice former student and soon-to-be business partner nikka, i took advantage of their buy one-take one promo.
take a look at my haul:

yep, i ordered 10 travel pots of e/s so that's a total of 20 gorgeous eye pigments! (drools) i also ordered a pot of dandelion and lilia but unfortunately Oceanmist didnt send stocks of the lilia foundie. but the seller's kind enough to have it replaced with sunsilk foundie, a sample of buttermilk foundie and vanora blush. yey!

i've tried sunsilk and i can say that it's my kind of shade. feels light and coverage is good but of course nothing beats monave when it comes to coverage. i guess this would be good for those with blemished-free skins. i haven't tried the dandelion shade, i find it too yellow in the pot but i guess i need to try it on first then probably add a lighter shade if needed.

but my HG product in OM would be their saffron concealer. way better than BE's well-rested, IMHO. but sometimes, my face gets too red (i just dunno why) that the concealer around my eyes becomes obvious because it's yellowish when the rest of my face is reddish.

oh well...(sighs)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

my weekend shopping (part II)

after 4 hours of sleep, and a lot of convincing that i do need to attend the binyag because i accepted to be a ninang, i finally got out of bed and took a quick shower. (note: usually, it takes me half an hour this time it only took me least i know i can move faster if i needed to. right? right???) i knew that i had to do something bout my horrendous eyebags and that i can't wear those shocking e/s shades i've been wearing lately. c'mon, i need to be hmm..."kagalang-galang" for a binyag right?
so here's my ninang eotd/fotd:

so there...try to ignore those horrible eyebags. puh-leeeaasee!

anyways, so let me go back to topic. i came late for the christening, coz forgive me, i'm really stupid when it comes to directions and love..and...and (i can go on and on...LOL). my original plan was to skip the reception but nahiya naman ako and besides, i'm starving so i decided to go na rin.
It was almost 2pm when lunch was over. I know i needed to go to the mall to buy some pots for my mmu, i badly need to transfer them instead of using them right from the baggies. i went to SM Makati first, and saw clear pots there. But for the life of me, i can't seem to convince myself to buy hundred pieces of those pots worth P15 each! Ay naku, i better go to Landmark na lang where i got those P9.75 for two pieces of pots. O di ba, i got to save a lot of moolah. but the downside is, it would be harder for me to see what shade it is. i need to check it pa from the bottom. oh what the heck, kahit na!
so here's my loot from Landmark:

MMU addicts, do i still need to explain what are these for? hehehhe

Also, i got these from SM (nail polishes) and Landmark:

I also bought 2 pair of shoes from Glorietta. I'm not really into shoes, so i can settle with these:

and my feet were hurting from walking around too much, because i was wearing these wedges (i know, i should've not since i already planned to go to the mall after...) i had no choice but to buy slippers. and a pair that matches my outfit of course! :D

Let me just tell you that i don't really like wearing slippers, it makes my feet itch! but these particular brand (which i tried for the first time, since 'twas the one i saw first and not havs which in my POV are matigas) are so soft and feet-friendly. i like the color too :) was a long day, i mean a long weekend for me. Imagine shopping for two days!? hehehe...i am so loving my loots. wanna see how happy i was yesterday despite the uber tiredness?


happy jhengky!

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