Tuesday, January 1, 2008

my new lungga...

after doing some shopping last thursday night and cleaning up the house, i decided to take some pictures of my new "lungga"

that is the main door that you see in here. o di ba, pagbukas ng door kita agad akong nakahilata (hahaha). i did that so that i can have a good view of my tv (now with cable, huh! now i can't seem to understand how the hell was i able to stand having only 2 local channels for almost 10 months).

now, this is my bed. :) it's actually a sofa bed and then a mattress on top. as you can see in this picture, my aircon would be at the side of the bed. had i have the bed facing the cabinet, my aircon would be above my head and imagine how i'd be watching the tv...(stiff neck aabutin ko nun hahhaa)

now, here's the small space where i was supposed to place the tv set but it won't fit so i placed my abubot organizer instead. this space is between the bathroom and the cabinet, which i adore since i was able to put all my clothes and other stuffs!
so there, just a glimpse of my new place...it's still a mess and will always be. hehehe

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