Wednesday, December 12, 2007

my OM thanksgiving sale loot...

ordering samples from Oceanmist days before their thanksgiving sale didn't stop me from ordering again. of course, i felt stupid for not being patient and for totally not anticipating that they'll have a sale soon. with the help of my ever-nice former student and soon-to-be business partner nikka, i took advantage of their buy one-take one promo.
take a look at my haul:

yep, i ordered 10 travel pots of e/s so that's a total of 20 gorgeous eye pigments! (drools) i also ordered a pot of dandelion and lilia but unfortunately Oceanmist didnt send stocks of the lilia foundie. but the seller's kind enough to have it replaced with sunsilk foundie, a sample of buttermilk foundie and vanora blush. yey!

i've tried sunsilk and i can say that it's my kind of shade. feels light and coverage is good but of course nothing beats monave when it comes to coverage. i guess this would be good for those with blemished-free skins. i haven't tried the dandelion shade, i find it too yellow in the pot but i guess i need to try it on first then probably add a lighter shade if needed.

but my HG product in OM would be their saffron concealer. way better than BE's well-rested, IMHO. but sometimes, my face gets too red (i just dunno why) that the concealer around my eyes becomes obvious because it's yellowish when the rest of my face is reddish.

oh well...(sighs)

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