Tuesday, December 11, 2007

my weekend shopping (part I)

my previous plan was just to stay at home and try to get as much sleep as i can for i haven't been sleeping well for the past days. but mom and my sis insisted to go shopping, and who am i to resist? :D
they went to GH and i decided to pass since i still have to sleep a bit more. they picked me up around 2pm and off to MOA we went.
i was so darn sleepy that i hardly ate during our late lunch. i knew that my good lil sister would drag me around the mall and just the thought of that made me tired all the more. i've told myself that i'll just drop by Elianto to get "some" eyeshadows and brushes.

so after hours and hours of walking around, and checking out most of the stores, we finally called it a day. and yeah, i did drop by Elianto. :)

lookie...lookie...i got so excited that i got the 20 e/s palette, 3 brushes, fake lashes mascara and a brown eyeliner and the famous blush in Mauve. It was almost 3am in the morning and i'd be attending a christening at 11 but instead of sleeping, look at what i did:

and okay, i'd be honest...i also stopped by the other stores. here's my total weekend (part 1) loot:


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