Tuesday, December 11, 2007

my weekend shopping (part II)

after 4 hours of sleep, and a lot of convincing that i do need to attend the binyag because i accepted to be a ninang, i finally got out of bed and took a quick shower. (note: usually, it takes me half an hour this time it only took me 20mins...at least i know i can move faster if i needed to. right? right???) i knew that i had to do something bout my horrendous eyebags and that i can't wear those shocking e/s shades i've been wearing lately. c'mon, i need to be hmm..."kagalang-galang" for a binyag right?
so here's my ninang eotd/fotd:

so there...try to ignore those horrible eyebags. puh-leeeaasee!

anyways, so let me go back to topic. i came late for the christening, coz forgive me, i'm really stupid when it comes to directions and love..and...and (i can go on and on...LOL). my original plan was to skip the reception but nahiya naman ako and besides, i'm starving so i decided to go na rin.
It was almost 2pm when lunch was over. I know i needed to go to the mall to buy some pots for my mmu, i badly need to transfer them instead of using them right from the baggies. i went to SM Makati first, and saw clear pots there. But for the life of me, i can't seem to convince myself to buy hundred pieces of those pots worth P15 each! Ay naku, i better go to Landmark na lang where i got those P9.75 for two pieces of pots. O di ba, i got to save a lot of moolah. but the downside is, it would be harder for me to see what shade it is. i need to check it pa from the bottom. oh what the heck, kahit na!
so here's my loot from Landmark:

MMU addicts, do i still need to explain what are these for? hehehhe

Also, i got these from SM (nail polishes) and Landmark:

I also bought 2 pair of shoes from Glorietta. I'm not really into shoes, so i can settle with these:

and my feet were hurting from walking around too much, because i was wearing these wedges (i know, i should've not since i already planned to go to the mall after...)

hayy..so i had no choice but to buy slippers. and a pair that matches my outfit of course! :D

Let me just tell you that i don't really like wearing slippers, it makes my feet itch! but these particular brand (which i tried for the first time, since 'twas the one i saw first and not havs which in my POV are matigas) are so soft and feet-friendly. i like the color too :)

Hayy..it was a long day, i mean a long weekend for me. Imagine shopping for two days!? hehehe...i am so loving my loots. wanna see how happy i was yesterday despite the uber tiredness?


happy jhengky!

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