Wednesday, December 26, 2007

my xmas gifts...

i may have not gotten what's in my ultimate wish list, but i enjoy my gifts nevertheless:

oo na, ano ba naman yung PSP slim and that uber gandang limited edition ng Smashbox Decadence brush set da's not enough reason for me not to be merry this xmas. just don't keep on rubbing it in. hahahaha...kidding!

still being like a kid, i opened my gifts with much excitement and here's what i got:

a coach-coachan bag (im not into bags anyway, lalo pa sa branded bags..basta may bag ako, yun na yun..hehe), a shirt dress, a kikay kit which i doubt would be enough to carry my entire kikay essentials for a day..but it has a mirror inside o di vah...a watch and a butterfly necklace and a flower lampshade that changes its color. hehehe...simple abubot things maybe but i loooveee them! it just shows that they really know me, i may look magastos and maselan when it comes to stuffs but in reality, simple lang po ako. i love abubots!

let me show you a closer look of my abubots:

these were given by my tita who knows how much i adore abubots. they may not cost a thousand bucks but who cares!? like ko sila eh and i'm not into high-end products naman..basta cute, go ako jan!

so sa mga gustong magbigay ng gifts jan, wag kayong matakot hehehe...hindi naman ako mapili. pero as of this time, i only have 2 wishes left...the psp slim and the brush set! nyahahhaa....kiddin' :P

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