Monday, December 24, 2007

ngarag looks...

and just to give you an idea of how ngarag i was (and still is) for the past week because of work and finding a new place (moving out and moving in...damn! what a very good timing no!)...let me give you a peek of myself during those days.

taken last 12/20 after work around 5-ish am. just look at those horrible eyebags! they're bigger than my eyes!

again taken after work, around 6am a few minutes before i started moving out the rest of my abubots from my old place and move them in to my new place. as in ngarag to death pero shempre, picture pa din! buti na lang i was wearing my MUFE mat-velvet foundie, my makeup's intact pa din from 11pm until the time this pic was taken. (hehehe, just a bit of review for my fave liquid non-mmu foundie)

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