Tuesday, December 18, 2007

a review on Elianto Brightening Eye Treatment Patch

remember the weekend when i went nuts and super mega shopping ang ginawa ko? when i was at Elianto (hoarding e/s), and being a worry-wart when it comes to my super pangit na undereyes, this eye treatment patch got me interested...so i got it as well:

at syempre, atat ang lola..so while i was doing my pot-session (mmu addicts, you know what i mean hehe) i tried it. hmm, when you open the pack, the 12 pairs are not individually packed. so careful careful in getting a piece. i put it on, and yep, i did look stupid:

ehhehe...a piece is so big that it's almost enough to cover my cheek. hehehe..it feels cold and relaxing. after 10-15mins it will get dry and you would have to peel it off from the sides. i dunno if nangangarap lang ako but my undereyes did look firm and looked refreshed. but of course, it's just temporary. the next day, i was back to my horrible eyebags. i guess this is for those days when you need to do something drastic to your eyebags para makeup would look better. or baka you would need to do this everyday. i haven't tried it again eh.

heck, ang useful ng review ko no? LOL. price is hmm.. (nakalimutan pa talga) i think P200-P300.

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