Tuesday, January 1, 2008

saturday lakwatsa...

after staying in Manila for 2 days (27-28), my family picked me up to help me bring home some of the stuffs i no longer use and to do some post-christmas shopping and buy some groceries for our Media Noche.

We went to SM North and from there, i was able to buy my new "baby" (separate entry heheh) and from there, we went to SM San Fernando for groceries (SM hopping ito! LOL). My sis and I decided to roam around the mall while mom and dad went to the supermarket. we were really looking forward to do some shopping but what the eff...sobra haba ang pila sa ATMs! and when it was my turn, apparently, my bank (RCBC) was offline. Duh! And i no longer have cash! So we had to check stores which accept credit cards or payments direct from an ATM. Buti na lang my sis has P1000 so we were able to buy 4 pairs (tig-2 pairs kami, of course) of jelly shoes from prima donna costing P300 per pair. at buti na lang talaga i have an extra P300 pa in my wallet (mas madami pa pera kapatid ko hahaha). had we decided to look for an atm first before getting the shoes, we might have ended up having nothing! tsk tsk tsk

after SM San Fernando, we went to Subic from dinner..and because of heavy traffic somewhere in lubao, we arrived at the restaurant at 10pm! Good thing they close at 1130 heheh..

take a look at the camwhore sisters:

and the food we had:

more food:


after a lot of pangungulit, i was finally able to convince my sister sam to pose outside the resto so i'd be able to remember where to go in case i'm in Subic and looking for a good place to eat. food is really good and not that expensive. for all the food we ordered, we paid less than 3k...not bad for the quality of their food and the service ;)

opo, camwhore ang sis ko but she's shy to have her picture taken in public :D

and yeah...matatakaw po kami ehhehee..after dinner (around past 11) we went around SBMA to look for an ATM. grabe, pati ba naman dun puro offline? or kundi naman, walang cash? arrrghhh...i can't go without any money...hmmm, on the other hand...tipid un ah...and i can just ask from my mom. hehhehe (grins)

we arrived in Balanga at almost 1am (grabe ngarag na) and luckily we were able to find an ATM na may silbi. hehehe..before going home, mom decided to pass by the plaza to buy some paputok. and then i started making sermon na sayang ang money, yadah yadah yadah. but i guess it's tradition na talga and in our case naman din kasi we just get some lusis and fountains. we don't really buy those really dangerous firecrackers like the "bawang", "pla-pla" etc. Hmm, meron bang "bangus" or "sibuyas" na paputok din? :D

and finally, we arrived at home around 2-ish in the morning. and we are to hear mass at 9, yay! goodluck sa eyebags!

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