Monday, December 31, 2007

shopping for my new place...

I was supposed to be on-leave for the rest of the holidays but i decided to go to Manila last Dec 27 to do some shopping for my new nest :D i had a list, but as usual, wasnt able to get all the things i needed. shopping alone is hard and very tiring, unless i am shopping for makeup. but at times like this, i would prefer to be with somebody.

here's what i got for my new place:
i got some floor mat (supposedly to be used for bathroom floors but i intend to use it under my bed since the flooring has no tiles, just plain cement), an electric stove, a pink teflon pan, some paper towels, bathroom organizer and other abubots. (hehehe, can't help but pass by watsons eh)

and another thing i hate about shopping? that would be the long line of people waiting for taxis:

lookie! i stood and waited for almost an hour... :( i was also disappointed since i wanted to do more shopping because they have lots of clearance sales!!!

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