Wednesday, December 5, 2007

something new...

since this blog is new, i wanna start it with something i haven't tried before, hence this is really something new to me. (how corny is that!?)

anyways, since i got addicted to mineral pigments and to make sure that i get to use or at least sample those i've bought...i tried to put on eye makeup everyday, even though this would mean getting a few stares from people in the office. i put on my makeup before i decide what clothes to wear so most of the time, i'm on a business-casual get up but with an eye makeup suited for a night out :D

today, i decided to try neutrals. i am and i think will never be a fan of these shades but for today, just for the heck of it, i tried some of the samples i got from my mom who bought full sizes of these shades. be warned though, that i am "just" a makeup addict and not an expert so please forgive me for my EOTD attempts. believe me, i've been trying so hard...but i just cant blend these friggin' (but adorable) shades.

and oh, never mind the uber extended brows...i took care of it before leaving the house. so i am sure, those stares were not for the extra-ordinary extended brows. weheheh

shades used:

EDM e/s in coffee as lid color

MAD e/s in Desert Shadow for the crease and outer-V

EDM brow color in Brunette as liner

seeing me wearing these shades made people comment "you look different today...kinda older." ARGGGHH...well, i know i am getting old but do they really have to rub it in? :(

hmp, in as much as i wanted to take these off, i have to wait for a couple of hours more before i can go home and throw my sample pots of these shades to the trash bin.

...of course, i am kiddin! :)

the colors may not suit me, but what the heck, i need shades like these for days i wanna look "more" formal.

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