Sunday, January 13, 2008

from dark to light...

my "gimik" eotds/fotd:

gimik? on a thursday night? nope...i wasn't out on a gimmick...i was at work! :) but i just love wearing dark shades of e/s, and then just soft pinks for my cheeks and lips. i was never a fan of dark shades for my lips, ewan ko ba... my friend would even tease me because i have like more than 10 lipsticks of (almost) same shades. if i want to darken my lips, i apply my favorite gloss which is MAC gellee.

i've used the following: Smashbox photofinish light primer, MUFE Mat Velvet Liquid foundie, Elianto retractable eyeliner in brown for my brows, TM pistol on inner lids, Monave Sabotage on outer lids, Elianto Fake Lash Mascara in Brown, Aubrey Nicole blush in Eden, Smashbox l/s topped with Mac Gellee.

My Friday (01/11/08) eotds:

no FOTD this time, since the rest of my face looked so ngarag because i only had like 3hrs of sleep after my thursday shift but i have to go and meet mom for lunch. i was in a hurry kaya i opted for light shades this time. and besides, ang taas ng sikat ng araw that time though it rained later that day.

used: MAD e/s in Just Pink on the entire lid, Modest Pink on the outer corner and crease and then EDM e/s in plum as liner then two coats of Elianto Fake Lash Mascara in Brown and for the brows, Elianto retractable eyeliner in brown.

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Anonymous said...

weeee SABOTAGE! doncha just love it?!?! heeeheee i get TONS of kudos every time i wear it! ;)

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