Thursday, January 17, 2008

jhengky before and after OBAGI...

and how can i ever forget to post a review of the only skincare brand which saved my face from horrible, terrible and ewwwyy pimples and scars. I used to have all those no matter what product i would try...i've been to several dermas already and well, my skin would improve a little for some time and then just go back to the same condition. It was really frustrating and what i would was to put on layers of foundations and concealers just to cover them up.

then my HS friend, who's now a dermatologist, suggested me to use OBAGI. I've been hearing this brand for quite a while but because of the price, i just can't convince myself to try it. I was afraid that it was all about great advertising (since a popular dermatologist and a lot of artistas are swearing by it) and that it'll just be like any other products i've tried.

My mom, who keeps on complaining of wrinkles got the whole set...and she swears by it too! Pero naman, the price! I know i can be kuripot when it comes to other things but not on skincare and makeup but that time, i was really having second thoughts of trying them because i've had enough of trying products that will either give a little improvement or will even give further damage after using for some time.

my friend suggested me to just get two of its products, CLEAR and BLENDER (which you need to mix with Tretinoin) instead of getting the whole set which is consist of 7 items. And to further convince me, she even offered me to get them in gives. LOL...what a good friend! :)

See my pre-obagi photos, and look how scary my face was:

(geesh...what am i doing? am i really letting the whole world see these photos? terrible no?)

a month later, i decided to get the other items as well: the EXFODERM and SUNFADER. and then ordered the travel set online :)

i've been using Obagi for almost half a year now and i rarely get pimples na, or hindi na talga. the scars are less visible and those bumps on my face really disappeared. Before when i wash my face, i can really feel those bumps and roughness on my skin...but now, NA-DAH!

I'm on the maintenance stage of OBAGI...which means 2-3x a week of using the Clear, Blender and Exfoderm. But i still use the Sunfader (bleaching cream + sunblock in one) everyday. Oh, i didn't use the Obagi Facial Wash and Toner...I've been using other products kasi for me, those two are just so-so.

Now, see my post-obagi photo taken 2 nights ago (without makeup ito ha) Sorry i wasn't able to take more pictures.

i know my face is still reddish...pero i'm like that na talga. But I am so happy that i can now go out without makeup, i still have a few scars left but not as worse as before. I can also say that with Obagi, you'd really look radiant and fresh (naks!) Had i known that this will be the only answer to my skin problems, i should've gotten this noon pa.

This is the OBAGI set, which has two types (Normal to Dry and Normal to Oily). The only difference would be in the set for Dry skin, you'll get the EXFODERM while for the other one, you'll have the EXFODERM FORTE which is of course suited for oilier skins.

The set contains the following: Facial Foaming cleanser, Toner, Clear, Blender, Exfoderm (Forte), Sunfader and Sunblock. You must buy the tretinoin separately, you can get one from Obagi or from other brands. I'm using that of Stieva-A's.

For the AM regimen:

- Foaming Cleanser, Toner, Clear, Sunfader or Sunblock (or you can use both)

For the PM regimen:

- Foaming Cleanser, Toner, Clear, Blender + Tret

I personally love the Exfoderm, because this is a smoothing lotion which really helped me get rid of those bumps. :)

OBAGI = HG skincare!


Anonymous said...

Your after treatment photo does not do justice on how you actually look like in person! I wish everyone can see how fine your skin is now ;)

Anonymous said...

hello sis, saw your post sa femalenetwork. magkano po ang magagastos for the whole set? or saan sa mga obagi ang pwedeng gamitin kahit wala na yung other obagi products? thanks po.

Unknown said...

hi...i don't know kugn magkanu ang obagi set dito..sabi nila nasa 21-22k for the whole set na 7 items. meron kasing set na wala yung sunfader which is sunblock and whitening in one. i got mine sa derma friend ko. i once asked sa rustans how much ang obagi clear nila and sabi nila 4500 tapos they require prescription pa. sa derma ko i got it for 4k lang, hulugan ko pa nakuha hehehhe..

my friend recommended me to get Clear and Blender lang then i just bought stieva-a for tretinoin.

Anonymous said...

hi i dont have pimples now... before asin i had a lot... now i have not so deep scars, enlarged pores and my skin is really oily.... i plan to go to belo and get obagi next week. Im just really worried coz i work in the hospitality industry, i heard like on the first week of using obagi, papangit ka raw talaga? like your face will be raw, red, flaky, and really dry.. mukhang kawawa raw talaga. for how long kaya? a week? or three weeks? hahah sorry ha... para i can plan my leaves. dont want to go to work looking like a peeled tomato


Unknown said...

hey sis juana, in my case kasi namula lang ako talga ng sobra. hmm, but in the first place kasi pulahin ako talga. i didnt experience flaking and getting really dry. hhehhee, mukhang kawawa? hahhah hindi naman. sabi ng derma ko, the item that would really cause you to peel big time is the tretinoin which you combine with obagi blender. so you might want to go easy on tretinoin. and dont forget sunblock ha. promise, hindi naman ako nagmukhang super kawawa nun, namumula lang and i only experience that when i used too much tretinoin. just use what was prescribed, dont use too much. ung iba kasi they have this thinking na when they use a lot, they will see results a lot faster too!

Anonymous said...

super thankssss for responding!!! great!!! now im confident to get the set! :D

btw, i love reading your blog.. grabe ha your love for make up hahahahah i can relate girl!! :D

mwahhhh!!! -juana

Anonymous said...

hi sis its juana again... can i get ur ym or email if you dont mind?

thanks so much

Unknown said...

halu sis juana, you can add me up sa ym...jhengky_0579 id ko....or email me at ;)

Anonymous said...

hi, im really encouraged to use Obagi based from ur experience. Ask ko lang po kung sino ang derma mo and contact # niya? hehehe gusto ko sana magpa consult

doralakwatsera said...

hi sis, i am using the blender right now, it work for mw for a bit, but i think the tret i'm using with the blender is not so good coz i still get a lot of acne. tanong ko lang kung anung tret ang sinasabay mo sa blender? thanks

Unknown said...

Today, Obagi is one of the most recognized brand names in skin health care worldwide so that I really wanted to try this and let me see how it really works on me.

obagi Philippines

Unknown said...

wow..i mean u were still pretty in ur before pictures but in ur after pics ur beauty has been enhanced.. congrats to u!

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