Tuesday, January 8, 2008

my monday (and last) shopping...

i know it's a Monday, but unlike my other Mondays when i wouldn't get up not until it's 5 or 6pm, today i got up early because i had to go to the bank to encash my check. yey! God is so good.. :) And then i planned on going to SM to buy the last things i need at home: a full body mirror and chair where i can put my laptop or something i can use as a table ;) i don't need a dining table anyways...just something where i can put stuffs on.
so right after getting my cash, i went to SM and to my disappointment, the department store won't be open until 12 noon. E past 10 pa lang noon. oh my gulay! so i went to glorietta instead to pass time. and at exactly 12, i went back to SM...i went to Watson's first to get the eyeshadow base from ArtDeco (i wanna try it again, who knows di ba? i'm running out of my UDPP and i need a cheaper alternative) but it's out of stock daw. I also wasn't able to find a mirror like the one we used to have. So i crossed the street and went to ACE Hardware and luckily, was able to get a mirror pero hindi yung may stand. At dahil kuripot ako, i got the cheaper one which means sinungaling na mirror. Though it works to my advantage, i look payat. hehehe

so there...i got a mirror, a chair which i can also use as a mini table (kuripot talga), air freshener, a small tablecloth to cover my dish organizer and some hooks. hayy...finally kumpleto na gamit ko. yay! (hmmm, la na nga bang kulang?) actually i need a microwave too...pero dahil nagtitipid ako ngayon, wag na lang. hehehe

So what did i do for almost 2 hrs while waiting for SM Dept Store to open? hmmm...i went to Glo to buy some stuffs for me. I know i know...nagtitipid ako pero tagal ko ng nde nakapamili eh and besides, i didn't buy any makeup and konti lang tlaga pwamis.
Take a lookie:

a pair of grayish/black pants from PrP. Wala pa kasi ako ganyang kulay eh. And hey, i'm a size 25 now! hehehe, or malamang malaki lang size nila. weheheh

2 shirts from my uber peborit store, terranova. kainis, wala ng Small ng "I love my T-shirt" sa white and black. I would've gotten them too.

this cute skirt from Seventeen...sayang eh, it's on Sale! :P

And these shoes...my gulay...at kelan pa ako nahilig sa shoes? pero mumu lang din yan, pwamis.

O di ba onti lang? and besides, last na yan. hehhee.. (sana talaga). And before i end this post, i want to show you those jelly shoes my sister and i bought weeks ago:

o di ba, ang kyut!? and they're such a steal...a pair for P300!? sayang, i should've gotten a pair in yellow sana. hehehe...

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Grace said...

sis san mo nabili yang pink jelly shoes? gusto ko din yan i swear!

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