Tuesday, January 1, 2008

my new belly ring...

finally...after almost a year of having a pink flower for a bellyring, i got a new one...yeyyy!

this time i have a blue butterfly naman...i wanna get one with palawit sana like my first one but based from experience sumasabit minsan. this one's bigger than my previous one.

by the way, for those who don't it yet..i got my navel pierced a year ago, after my breakup with my 13-yr old relationship. wala lang...some sort of pagrerebelde, i think? or just to divert the pain cguro (asus, drama!)

NOTE: on the last pic, hindi po ako naka-underwear jan ha LOL...i was wearing a cycling shorts. (la lang, nagpapaliwanag lang... :P)

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