Monday, January 21, 2008

my sunday eotd/fotd and penshoppe loot....

i was so tamad to put makeup on because my face has been peeling since yesterday, good thing i brought my reliable mufe liquid foundie so i won't need to buff my face if i'd be using mmu foundie. i know i'm not supposed to wear any makeup at all, but haller...wag naman sa lugar na aking kinalakihan. hahahha...
so for my eotd, i just used a single shade and then finished it with a black eyeliner:

used: EDM eyebrow in brown, MAD e/s in fusion on the entire lid, shiseido black liquid eyeliner, l'oreal mascara in black, MUFE Mat Velvet liquid foundie, Red Earth blush in Tender Love and no lipstick (hehhee, photo taken after mass and as usual, i just can't keep my lipstick to stay put. =)

i just want to rave on MAD e/s in fusion..i so love the color. it's shimmery pink in the pot but turns out to have an orangy - pinkish shade once you put it on. :)

and okay...i really have to do something on my previously posted New Year's resolutions, i need to take the "no-shopping for me to save" off that list! seriously, i am in a really bad need of a shopping rehab!

oh well, i just got a few pieces from Penshoppe:

and of course, isisingit at isisingit pa din ang i got these as well:

i've read good reviews on eyeliners from i decided to give them a try :)

before going home, we saw this store which sells items from Japan. It's like the Japan home store i once visited in Market Market. Seeing all those items makes me want to go and visit Japan again some day. I've been there twice but i never really got to enjoy much during my stay because i always get sick since it's always winter when i visit. and of course, i really can't stay that long since i was only on a xmas vacation during those visits. wahhh....i miss sanrio tuloy bigla.

and again, i got a few items for my place in Manila:

aside from shopping for makeup, i am also getting fond of shopping for home stuffs....and clothes, and shoes...and...and.... (LOL)

and before i end this post, i just want to show you what my sis and i love to do just before the sunday mass starts:


and that's me and a constipated-look from my sis...too bad, i wasn't able to take a pic with mom. she was then busy tinkering with her new phone kasi. (like mother-like daughters!)


Liz said...

I'm loving your EOTD photos..

ang galing mo talaga mag-blend. :-)

Anonymous said...

hello. i just found liz and your site recently. i love seeing m/u on fellow filipinas. btw, your sister looks like liz.

Iambrigitte said...

@gisele, yeah...actually when i read your posts tinignan ko ulit pics ni liz at kapatid ko. :)

LittleoftenAnnie said...

sutil this is an awesome blog but the font is hard to read, it almost looks hebrew :/

do you think the penshoppe eyeliner still exists? i am a big big fan of it.

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