Saturday, January 19, 2008

my thursday (01/17/2008) loot...

after a long gym hiatus, my bff and i decided to meet early and hit the gym...for some serious workout? hell, no. we just stayed at the jacuzzi and then the sauna, hit the showers and went to the mall after. gulay, i am so tamad talaga pumunta ng gym. usually, i go to the gym before my work hours...and hate bringing my stuffs with me. clothes, shoes, makeups, abubots and ayun, for almost a year of being a member here in Fitness Platinum (previously, Plus) maybe i haven't even reached 30 visits. :P sayang nga eh...oh well. but since it's one of my resolutions for this year (aw, c'mon!) i will try SOOO HARD to at least go 3x a week (zzzzz....ngork!)
before going to the mall, we went up to the office first so we can leave our stuffs. then to the mall we went. i was not really in the mood to shop, so i only got a few pairs of trouser socks, a cellphone case and an evian moisture mist:

evian overload ito. hehehe...i can't find a small one kasi e, kahit na nga ung medium-sized lang wala. for mmu users, you know why this is a must for us ;) but i also bring one when i go out. so now i can't imagine how people would react when they see me take this out from my bag and started spritzing on my face. hehehe....of course, i would not bring this no! hindi kaya ako malunod sa laki at lakas ng spray nito? LOLZ

my labidabs met me and my BFF at National Bookstore. and there, he went straight to the "Fashion and Beauty" section to look for me. hehehe, now that's my guy...he knows just where to look for me. Pero wala ako dun...When he saw me i asked him where that section is and again i saw a lot of makeup books. I wanted to get one, he even said the book seems useful naman, pero di ba nga tipid mode ang lola mo. But i guess he knows how much i want it so he got it for me. yey! now he's starting to kunsinti me sa kalandian ko...heehhe, he's being such a good boy nowadays.. :P


now i have 3 books na...and i still keep on cutting pictures of eye makeups from magazines and put them in an album. Hayyy...wala na..absolute addiction na ito. I need some serious REHAB!

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