Thursday, January 10, 2008

my UDPP rant...

oh my gulay...just when i was thinking of getting (or hoarding) more UDPP because it's my HG eyeshadow base, i came across a post in another message board on how to get the most out of this product. We all know that the product is packed in a genie-like bottle:

and they even said that we shouldn't be worrying about wasting any of its contents because inside is a straight tube...damn them for being such liars

see photos of how i was able to save my "empty" bottle of UDPP i bought almost a year ago:

i was supposed to cut the container in half-lengthwise, but it was hard...probably the knife i used was more "mapurol" than my head for believing UD's marketing! but see how much product goes to waste?

don't forget to open the container's base too...and lookie, i was able to fill up (well, almost) two 5g pots out of my "empty" bottle of UDPP.

I am sure a lot of you already know this...maybe i missed a post about this but for the sake of those who doesn't have an idea how UD's making a fool out of's the proof!

hmmm...which reminds me that i have another bottle of UDPP :) just a caution though, make sure that you close your jars or pots as tight as possible. i read that it tends to dry quickly once out of its "genius" container, but one poster said that we can always spritz it with evian or mac fix.


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