Tuesday, January 8, 2008

my weekend "gimik"...

it was my first weekend at my new place...and since it has been a long time since i lived alone, i was kinda malungkot not to see somebody else that i can talk to. At Kingswood, though we have our own rooms, sometimes we bump to each other in the living room and then chikahan to death until morning. but this time, i am alone...again.
anyways, i woke up around 3pm last Saturday and i was thinking what to do. I initially thought of going to the mall and watch a movie but the thought of going alone made me lonely all the more. But i can watch a movie alone, its just that at that time...i don't think it's a good idea. So instead, i got up...and went to Shopwise and did some grocery. hehehe, it was really funny kasi before, if i feel bored i go to the mall and buy makeups, but that day, take a look at my loot:

ain't it obvious? takot akong magutom? hahahaa...so most of my groceries are food. i also bought a mumu (mumurahin) na dish organizer, bedroom slippers, some mat for the sink and some abubots pa din like shampoo, cotton, lactacyd, etc.

finally, nagkalaman din ang ref ko! hehehe...see those bunch of brown-rounded ones below? ano pa nga ba, e di patatas! hhehehee...and you know why i always make sure i have enough stocks ;) and oh, may i just mention that i really love the Fit 'N Right drinks? i used to like C2 but now i prefer these new ones, they are healthier too and helps you take away the fats because it has L-Carnitine. (LOL...endorsement ito)

and because i am trying to cost-cut, i decided to go back to Kingswood and get my other stuffs like those in the above picture. Abah, mahal ata ang trash can ngayon and lagayan ng water! hehehee
After doing some cleaning and organizing stuffs, i fell asleep around 10pm. I woke up before 12 and took a shower. Tsk tsk, and that was a big mistake kasi nawala antok ko. I played with my psp for a while but i decided to do another thing instead:

yep, it was pot-session time! LOL...i got my taylormade samples already and i've been wanting to have them transferred to pots for a long time na but havent got the time. so, finally i was able to find some time and transferred them to pots i bought at watsons at P34.95/2 pots. arrggghh...atat kasi eh ayan tuloy :( but i never got to finish them. I think i still have around 20++ baggies to transfer. ay kaloka! I don't have an idea if i can get to use all of them, i have LOTS of mmu pigments already...i'll post a pic once i have them all transferred ;)

so that's how i spent my weekend. I had fun at my own kind of gimmick ;)

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