Sunday, January 13, 2008

please forgive me for i have sinned...

shucks...i've been such a bad, bad girl. it's been what, only days since i've promised myself not to do it again but i just can't stop. it's like a disease! i can't stop SHOPPING!!!

damn, sabi ko i'll try to save na this year eh. but last Friday (nde na nga pumasok sa work, nagviolate pa ng new year's resolution) i was with my mom in MOA at ayun, inatake na naman ako ng sakit. though i only got to buy few ha...o di ba, improving na din kahit panu. i am trying here...believe me!

so, take a look of what i got:

my elianto loot: Green Tea cleansing oil (my review soon), Eye firming patches, Fake Lash Mascara in Green (yes, green!), green tea eye cream, e/s brush, blackhead remover, Aqua blush in Nude Pink and lip brush (not in the pic)

My Powerbooks loot (yep, im into books no...):

hehhe, o di ba, books naman mga yan? i was able to pass by Powerbooks minutes before closing and since i saw that they have a 20% off on all imported books, i went in to check on some makeup books... and i was just so happy to snag these two books. Yey, meron na ako! (Sana basahin ko no..)

and of course, shopping will never be complete without getting anything from my peborit store, Terranova:

it's been kinda cold these past few days and since nalalamig ako lalo when im at work i decided to get something that will warm me up. A blue longsleeves from Terra and another one from Maldita but with a hood. Di ba, hoodies are again "in" (nga ba? hehe)

so again, my Friday loot:

o di ba, konti lang? :)


Liz said...

aaah.. retail therapy! makes every woman feel good. :-)

Anonymous said...

hahaha you are absolutely correct! :) sis, would you mind if i put you on my link list? :)

Anonymous said...

hey i have that KA book too! pero wait! you dont need that na! that's too basic for you dear! ;)

Unknown said...

huhu..i guess what i need would be a book on blending and color combos. right now kasi what i do is to cut pics from magazines of different eye makeup looks. any book you can reco?

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