Tuesday, January 1, 2008

potatoes, anyone?

days of my pagpupuyat has finally taken its toll on me...mas malaki na ata ang eyebags ko kesa sa mata ko and i was in a bad need of a fast fix since we are to have our year-end party last dec 30. at first, i tried to look for some cucumbers and wasn't able to find any inside the fridge. out of desperation, i went to my tita who was at that time preparing food for the party to ask if she can get some for me. and guess what i saw??? potatoes! for those who doesn't know it yet, i'm such a sucker for potatoes. i love everything potato. :D
but that time, i had something else in mind:

i know i look ridiculous but what the heck...i've been reading a lot of articles that instead of cucumbers, potatoes are a better bet if you need a quick fix for puffiness and dark undereye circles. after getting a few slices, i put them inside the freezer for 5mins and put them on. I immediately felt refreshed and there was a cooling effect.

i took it off after 15 minutes and i dunno if it was just my imagination or the potatoes' promise are true but i can swear it lessened the puffiness and dark circles. the skin under my eyes also looked firm...whoa! basta, my undereyes looked way better after putting those potatoes.

now i have other use for these patatas aside from having them mashed, steamed or fried :)

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