Wednesday, January 16, 2008

a review on Elianto's Green Tea Cleansing oil...

well, i'd be honest to admit that i can be kuripot at times but not on makeup/skincare. if i have the "moolah" i would try to splurge on stuffs most esp on those who get really nice reviews. :) i've been hearing a lot of raves about Shu's cleansing oils and been wanting to get myself one (oh, two actually since Mom also asked me to get her one after i made kwento about this item) but aside from the price, somehow i am still scared of putting anything with oil on my uber-sensitive face.
i've found a great makeup remover from The Face Shop and recently, been using that of Nivea's sensitive skincare line but reviews from GT that this Elianto cleansing oil is the "save" counterpart of Shu's. And being the inggitera and usisera me, i decided to get myself one last weekend when i met with mom at MOA.

A rinse-off oil-based cleanser especially formulated for quick and easy removal of long wearing makeup, clear skin impurities and clogged pores while maintaining skin’s moisture and smoothness.

I think it was on Sale (10% off) at that time, so i bought it together with some other items. When i arrived at home, shempre, i got too excited to try this at once. So i took off it's plastic, and to my disappointment, the label was wet because apparently it has been leaking. (hmp, kaya pala naka-sale ha!) But it didn't stop me, so just before i started to pump, i stopped and asked myself..."am i supposed to use it with a cotton?" so i got some cotton, pumped some oil into it and started wiping it on my face. but i just can't make it to work...i just ended up with some cotton on my face. so i got rid of the cotton, pumped some oil on my hands and massaged it to my face. i really liked the way it dissolved my waterproof mascara and my e/s. after that, i used wet wipes to wipe the oil (+ dissolved makeup) off my face.

i don't really wash my face right after getting rid of my makeup using makeup removers. i tend to rest my eyes first before washing my face. after 10 minutes, i got up and pumped some neutrogena deep clean foaming wash into my hands when i saw my face in the mirror. hmmm, is it just my imagination or am i really seeing some kind of radiance and freshness on my face? nice...i think i am going to love this cleansing oil. :)

I've been using it for days now and the only things i don't like about it are:

1. It's kinda messy to use it by pumping some oil into my hands. my hands get really oily..(eww) so if there's any other better way to apply it please tell me.

2. It stings my eyes! Unlike my nivea makeup remover, it's really suited for sensitive skin/eyes. i know i am not supposed to use it on my eyes, but happens! most esp when i've used a lot and i am trying to wipe off my mascara.

Aside from those, i can say that this is one good makeup remover. I am acne-prone but no allergic reactions at all (crossing my fingers). If only i can find a better way to use it without accidentally putting some into my eyes, this can be my HG makeup remover. For a price of P620++ it's really quite a steal (at least when compared to SHU).



Anonymous said...

I've always been a fan of oil cleansers since I met that of Shu and Fasio. I massage em dry on my face then wet my hands and massage again. You know you did it right when the liquid on your face looks milky. ;)

Does your skin feel super soft afterwards? If so then I must try that ASAP! I'm running low on my Fasio and I dont think I can afford a small bottle of Shu anytime soon! :)

Unknown said...

yeah..super soft and my face looks radiant too..fresh and you know how your face looks when you just got out from a workout session? parang ganun...

Anonymous said...

am SOLD :) getting myself one later!

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