Tuesday, January 15, 2008

a review on foundation primers...

during my pre-Obagi days when my face used to have a lot of pimples, bumps and "really" un-even skin tone, i once asked myself if there's something i can use that will make my face look poreless and smooth so my liquid foundation will glide on smoothly and would stay put despite of too much oil being produced from this oil-mine i call my face.

my first primer was that of Modelco's, the "Face Base Skin Primer":

ModelCo Face Base Skin Primer is a hydrating skin primer that visibly improves the look and texture of the skin by smoothing out fine lines and pores. It creates an even flawless base for make-up and keeps foundation on for up to 10 hours.

FACE BASE’s oil-free, long-lasting silky formula is suitable for all skin types. Enriched with nourishing vitamins C & E, FACE BASE's clear formula glides on to give you the perfect second skin.

At that time, i got hold of this thru my mom who gave me a generous amount from her own tube. I tried it at once and yep, it really made a difference. my liquid foundation glided on smoothly, it gave me the "flawless" appearance i've been wanting for such a long time. i also tried it as a moisturizer...after toning, i apply this and then my foundation. but this primer wasn't able to control my oilies...and after a while, i noticed a few little white bumps on my cheeks. so i had to stop...oh well, strike one!

Then, during one of my "trips" to Beauty Bar, i saw Smashbox. I asked the SA if they have a primer and they do!

Smashbox PHOTO FINISH foundation primer offers a unique, colorless formula that increases the durability of foundation during a long day on the set.

Again, i was excited and despite its price...i bought it without thinking twice (yeah, i am that uto-uto in trying out new products). it worked like the Modelco Face Base and like the previous one, wasn't able to control my oilies too. Give me an hour or so and my face will again be an oil-mine. I even tried it when i started using Mineral Makeup as a foundation but after sometime, my pores became more visible. And considering the price for the small amount you get in its small container? Hmm...strike Two!
I then stopped using foundation primers for a while and tried using mineral makeup foundation primers. Most of those i've tried in that line are of powder-type so it won't really suit my liquid foundation which i prefer to use most especially when i am in a hurry. so the hunt for a good primer began again.
I used to get most of my makeups at Beauty Bar, Glorietta but unfortunately because of the incident that happened last year... i had to go and visit the next closest branch to me and that would be at Greenbelt 3. At that time, i think i was just to get what my friend asked me to get for her. and then i asked if they have a primer...and the SA mentioned that they have one from Smashbox and it's really good daw. I thought it was the one i already had so i told her that maybe they have from another brand because the one from Smashbox didn't work for me at all. She said they have a new version of the photofinish primer that's suited for oily and acne-prone skin. A-ha!
and she showed me the Smashbox Photofinish Light primer:

Perfect for oily, acne-prone or sensitive skin, this oil-free, 60% water-based primer refreshes on contact while oil absorbers provide a smooth matte finish all day. Light diffusers minimize the appearance of imperfections while vitamin C and peptides help even skin tone and promote collagen production for a flawless future.

the words: oily, acne-prone, and water-based are the reasons why i gave in to buying this product despite its price (2k++). when i arrived at work (yep, sometimes i do my shopping before going to work)...i had to wash my face and do my makeup all over again just to test this. yeah...sometimes, i give in to SA's words without "really" testing the product. my bad, i know!

so there...after washing my face, i applied this and like the other primers, it did provide me with a smooth, soft-to-touch face and my foundation glided on smoothly. but the best part of it was, it took me more than 4 hours before i can see oil on my T-zone! OMG! OMG! at that point, i already told myself that this product is for keeps.

i've been using it for more than 2 months now (almost everyday) and i've found the perfect liquid foundation to match it: MUFE Mat Velvet foundation (will post a review soon). With this combo, i can have a shine-free face that would last for more than 4-6hrs without blotting. If i start to see oil, i just blot and it goes back to how it looks like when i just applied it! No skin irritations...no settling on fine lines and i even use it with my MMU foundation!

But i should mention that sometimes, i also get oily after 2hrs or so and that would be those times when i've used my Obagi skincare. With Obagi, you have to apply 3-4 products one after the other, which are all cream-based so expect that you'd get oily faster than the usual. If i want to achieve the best this product has to offer, i will just have to settle for the toner-sunblock-primer regimen. And that's fine with me, since I am already on the maintenance stage of my Obagi usage which means i no longer need to use all the products on my face everyday. ;)

So there it is, my HG foundation primer.

NOTE: Photos courtesy of the Brands' website


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