Thursday, January 31, 2008

skincare 101: Never sleep with your makeup on...

One thing i've learned from my equally kikay mom is to remove all your makeup before going to sleep. Enough with the excuse that you are tired, etc etc. In my case, i work at night and most of the people like me falls asleep as soon as they get home. I sometimes use mineral makeup but despite the claims that it's so safe to sleep with it on your face, i just can't seem to go and try it, even on those days that i'm really tired. And besides, it's like even though i'd fall off to sleep, i am very sure that my mom would haunt me in my dreams with her arms on her waist shouting on top of her lungs "DIDN'T I TELL YOU TO REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP OR WASH YOUR FACE FIRST BEFORE GOING TO SLEEP!??"

Geesh, that would be a nightmare. So no matter how tired or sleepy i am, or drunk i am (hehehe) i make sure that i get rid of the tons of makeup i put on my face before finally going to sleep. (i am such a good girl...heheh)

okay, so how do i do it? i mean, i work at night and go home around 7-ish in the morning. i never got used to washing my face here's what i do:

1. Of course, i would start with my makeup on (photos taken after my shift)

please ignore my silly face gestures, we're not here to make fun of my face anyways :P
2. I get my HG (as of the moment since this one doesn't sting my eyes) makeup remover, nivea face cleanser for sensitive skin. This can be used as a facial wash as well:
3. I put an ample amount on my forehead and cheeks (you can always put more, if needed)
again, ignore my silly face.

4. Massage the cleanser on your face, most especially on the eye area. I tell you, this cleanser can remove even the most stubborn waterproof mascara. Just be really, really gentle when you massage the cleanser on your eye areas.

5. Then wipe it off with a tissue. I use kleenex premium, because it's soft. But still, you need to be really gentle...

6. Be extra gentle on your eye area, you don't like to get wrinkles, do you? What i also do is i just pat or dab the tissue on my eye area, most especially on the undereyes.

7. Be extra-gentle...

8. If you feel like you need to put more, just repeat steps 2-7. After that, i get my HG wet wipes:

I love this cleansing wipes, it's good for sensitive skin since it's the kind we can use with babies.

9. Using the J&J cleansing wipes, i wipe away the remaining gunk of makeup off my face. And this also helps me to remove the residue of the nivea cleanser:

10. Again, be gentle!

11. And voila, a cleansed face! (with horrible eyebags, and all!)

then i wait for like 10-15minutes before finally washing my face with Neutrogena Deep Clean foaming gel. Sometimes i use a scrub first, then the foaming gel. And then i use kleenex premium facial tissues to wipe my face dry.


Liz said...

Sis, you look so adorable. :-)

Anonymous said...

grabeh ang ganda ng skin mo even without makeup.. nice tutorial sis! - KHYMM

Unknown said...

I’m also using Neutrogena Deep Clean foaming gel, and it’s a good product :)
~Pauline @Kallony

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