Friday, February 29, 2008

patience is a virtue that i dont have...

after my shift, i dropped by air21 near the office to send a few packages. after filling up the forms and paying for the shipping, i remembered that i was expecting a package to arrive yesterday but it didn't...and since this air21 outlet i went to happens to be near where i live (and where i expect to get my package) i tried my luck and asked the guy in the counter if they happen to have a package for me.
he looked at me, puzzled, because they are supposed to deliver packages to the consignees and not to have the consignees pick up packages from them. but what the heck, i've been waiting for my items for a while now so i took my chance. and yep, they do have a package for me. all i had to do was to present an id and well, give them the sender's details as well as my details and the next thing i knew, i was on my way home with a big smile on my face despite the tons of work i had to do in the office.

so, what's exactly in this package that i couldn't wait to have it delivered to me?

hmm...will post later ;)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

and because my labidabs loves me...

he bought me a digicam!

i was complaining to him days ago about my cam-phone and that i think i should be getting a digicam. and today, he got this for me. he may not be that happy to see me get really addicted to makeup...but seeing me happy makes him happy.
Wednesday, February 27, 2008

my MEOW EOTN in neutrals...

for a change, i decided to wear neutrals and just what i expected, some of my officemates stopped and asked if i was feeling okay. arrggghhh, they said my eyes look dull and tired. huh!? oh well, i guess they are just not used to seeing me wearing earth shades (same here!)
anyways, it's my first time to try out the eyeshadows i got from Meow and just like any other mmu e/s i've tried, they are highly pigmented and lasted on me the whole night. But was it maybe because i was also wearing UDPP? hmmm...maybe i should try wearing my mmu e/s without it and let's see how long they will last on my uber oily lids.

used: MEOW Modern Eyes e/s in Gone with the Kitty applied on the entire lid up to the browbones, MEOW Scandal Eyes e/s in Lana T. applies on the outer-V and above the crease, Modelco brow kit in Dark, Elianto Fake Lash Mascara in Brown

and today, i also tried another foundation sample i got from Dreamworld, Astrild in Luna formulation.

used: Dreamworld topping in Butter Cream used as primer and finishing powder, DW foundation in Astrild (Luna) applied dry, DW blush in Rhea's Happiness, Shu Uemura Pro Concealer applied on the undereyes topped with OM Saffron, Victoria Secrets Beauty Rush Lipgloss in Lotta Collada

hmm, so what do you think is my shade in DW...Freyja or Astrild?


anyways, i am beginning to hate my camera phone :( the pictures don't give justice to the great colors of these eyeshadows (or maybe i have poor lighting? or im just plain stupid when it comes to taking pictures LOL) i think i need to get a separate camera for my eotds/fotds...

me want a new camera


my FOTN using Dreamworld's Freyja...

i 'm too excited to try out the foundation samples i got from Dreamworld so despite my derma's instruction not to apply any makeup for at least 3days... i decided to try FREYJA because out of the 5 sample foundies i got, this is the closest to my shade (i think).

face: Smashbox Photofinish Light primer, Dreamworld foundation in Freyja (Luna formulation), Valerie Red Zapper on blemishes, Taylormade blush in Girl

lips: Nivea lip balm, Smashbox lip primer, TFS lipstick in Lovely pink topped with MAC gellee in Dewy Jube

eyes: Modelco brow kit in Dark, UDPP topped with MAC paintpot in Painterly, Taylormade e/s in Bloom for the entire lid, Taylormade e/s in Mint on the lower half of thelid, Max Factor mascara in Brown for the first coat and Elianto Fake Lash Mascara in Brown for the second coat, Shu Uemura pro-concealer in 5YR light topped with OM saffron concealer.

I just paid a visit to my derma so i have a lot of reddish marks on my cheeks so i was buffing like crazy using Dreamworld foundation. I think i might have used too much but i don't see any signs of cakey-ness (is there such a word? LOL) unlike when i use Monave and i put on too much. The finish is creamy and after a few hours my face is dewy, not oily. I didn't try to spritz my face after putting on the foundation, maybe i will try that next time using the other shades i got from my pixie set. I am satisfied with my first attempt in using my Dreamworld foundation, but i won't stop here. I still have 2 shades that i think would suit me and i still have more foundation samples coming. many sampling to do, and yet so little time.
Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my Dreamworld swatches...

sorry for the poor quality of pictures, and for the lack of knowledge on how to present swatches. i just realized that it would've been better if i applied them wet instead of dry. But from the looks of these foundie shades, i think i got a match with freyja and hestia and hopefully astrild. Brighid is too yellow for me and too shimmery. Actually these foundies have a bit of shimmer in them, and i am excited to try them out if not only for the fact that i've just paid a visit to my derma no makeup for me for the meantime. (hehehe, and you think i'm gonna be that obedient?)

here are the swatches of the other 8 samples i got with my mix and match pixie set. i love the blue shade of sparkling skies and rhea's happiness blush. the creme toppings (peanut butter and butter cream), i'm not sure if one of them would suit me. let's see once i have them applied on my face. Starlight glo will make a great hilighter for the cheeks and apparition for the eyes.

sorry for my poor description of these lovely swatches. i'll try to do better soon! :)

another joppa minerals eotn/fotn..

i've been using my joppa minerals a lot lately...i want to sample all the shades i got from their 45-pc sample baggy set so i can order full pots soon! i love their shades and texture. and this is the first mmu that i was able to foil successfully.

their colors are not that loud, though i love loud shades, i simply heart the way they make my eyes more tamed even though i am not using neutrals. :)

so here's my attempt-to-look-sweet eotd/fotd:

used: joppa e/s in Amanda on the inner half of the lid, joppa e/s in Anastasia on the outer half of the lid, crease and outer-V, joppa e/s in Pearl under the browbone, EDM e/s in purple shade used as liner (with BE weather everything eye-sealant, MUFE Mat Velvet Liquid foundie, Joppa blush in Raspberry Ice, Fasio 3D Mascara in Brown, Nivea lip balm in Rose topped with MAC gellee in Dewy Jube.

too bad, i didn't get foundation samples from Joppa...but i will, as soon as i've decided what e/s shades to get in full pots.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

minerals...and more minerals!

last thursday, mom informed that i have 3 packages that arrived...i was so excited that i wanted to come home and skip work. hehhee...

anyways, saturday came and the first thing i did when i arrived home was to look for my stuff. and here they are: was like xmas time again. i was so excited that i almost forgot to see my mom first. where do these stuff came from?


my mix and match pixie set consists of 5 sample foundies and 8 other 1/4 tsp baggie samples

my Dreamworld foundies

Almost a month ago, i've been exchanging emails with Ellie of Dreamworld about what foundie shades should i get for my pixie set. Unfortunately, upon checking out i encountered some problems with paypal. after several attempts, i decided not to push thru with the order. i took it as a sign that i should stop buying since i've been buying a lot of mmu samples lately and that i need to stop. oh well!

a week later, i got an email notification that Dreamworld sent me a package. Thinking that it might be some sort of an error, i just ignored the email and besides, i never really pushed thru with my order. another week later, i decided to again give it a try. i went back to Dreamworld's site and since mix and match pixie set is no longer available, i decided to get some foundie sample baggies along with several samples of their e/s and blushes from different "worlds." in short, i once again made some serious sample hoarding. LOL i just can't ignore their pretty shades and their nice names. Ellie's really have a great way of naming her minerals...the curiosity for its names and Annielise's review of her products really made me give in.

just days after that, i again got another email that Dreamworld had sent me a package...uh-oh, i began to think that Ellie might really have sent me someting...and then mom told me that i got 3 packages and one of them came from Ellie. And my suspicions are correct, my first order that didn't push thru was sent to me even without any payment from me. So i immediately emailed Ellie about it. I didnt want to take advantage of her probable confusion because of the number of orders coming in. So i asked her how i can pay her for the items she sent me. it would be nice to have them as freebies or maybe i can just not tell her about this mistake (and too bad, i have the same foundie shades ordered on my second attempt) but i d wouldn't want to abuse her kindness in assisting me in what shades to get. i just can't bring myself to fool somebody who give such good customer service.


my she space eye pigments

i am literally drooling over the shades...i love, love loud colors though i also ordered some neutrals and i think some from her velvet collection. the samples are really small, maybe would last you 2-3 uses...but i am VERY SURE that i would be coming back to get some full pots of some of these shades and oh! she has new LE shades that just came out. UH-OH...i am in big trouble!


my meow loot

samples from the Modern Eyes collection

samples from the Scandal Eyes collection

samples from the Ideal Eyes collection

blush samples

samples from the Firefly collection


samples of the WildCats

and i am again trying to find my perfect foundation shade from this brand

freebies i got!

weeeehhh....3 down, 6 more to go!

Friday, February 22, 2008

skintones...undertones...what the??

i can say that i am a late-bloomer when it comes to makeup...well, not really because as far as i can remember, i started wearing a bit of makeup (powder, blush and lipstick) when i was in college. but at that time, my stuffs are mostly from my mom. i was fond of raiding her closet to look (and get) some of her makeups, without thinking if they suit me or not. it's not until i joined one message board and got addicted to reading topics about makeup that i came across the terms "skintone" and "undertones." geesh, i didn't know that these two are important in determining what shade of makeup would suit you.

Everyone's skin tone breaks down into two: (1) warm which has the yellow undertones and (2) cool which has the pink undertones. Once you determine what skin tone you have, it would be easier and of course, helpful for us in honing in on the most flattering makeup shades and colors of our wardrobes.

So here are four easy ways to determine your skin tone:
  1. Try on a gold bracelet and a silver bracelet. If gold looks better on you, then you're warm. Otherwise, you're cool.
  2. Get a piece of clothing with something orange and something pink in color. Probably a scarf or a towel and drape it around your head. If you look better in pink, then you're cool. Otherwise, you're warm.
  3. Take a look at the veins on the inside of your wrists. If they are mostly bluish, then you're cool...if they are mostly greenish, then you're warm.
  4. Get a white shirt and an off-white or cream-colored shirt. Try them one after the other. If cream looks better on you, you're warm so go for peachy tones. If white looks better on you, then of course, you're cool and pink shades would look best on you.

Now, if you think you look good on both...or you're confused as to whether you're a warm or cool since you can basically pull off colors from both undertones, then you have a neutral skin tone. This means you see some yellow, pink, beige or peach undertones in your skin.
And finally, after years of wearing (or rather, trying hard to wear makeup) i've discovered that i have a neutral skintone.

Now, is it a good thing or a bad thing? Since, i would have a wide range of color choices to choose from, i might get confused all the more. But one thing i learned about makeup is that as long as you can pull off the looks you're are good to go.
(wink wink)

Thursday, February 21, 2008

the green-eye shadowed monster and my basketball championship game eotds/fotds...

i hope i am not boring you with my eotds since i've been using the same shades every now and then. and by now, i am sure it's obvious that i love GREENS!

eyes: Modelco Brow kit in Dark, UDPP topped with MAC painterly, Mad pigment in Nirvana on the inner one-thirds of the lid, OM e/s in Tiki in middle lid and Mad Peridot Stone on the outer-V and crease, MAD pigment in Candlelight on the browbone, Elianto Fake Lash Mascara in Brown

face and lips: Smashbox Photofinish primer light, MUFE Mat Velvet Liquid Foundation, Aubrey Nicole blush in Eden, Smashbox lipstick in Sweet topped with MAC gellee in Dewy Jube.

and here's how i look after my 9-hour shift:

sorry, i no longer have a lipstick nor a lipbalm on. heheheh. i just can't seem to make it stay on my lips despite using a lip primer. oh well, it just shows that i eat a lot so my lipstick always get rubbed off.


yesterday was my first time to watch the PBA finals live. I've been a huge fan of Barangay Ginebra when i was a kid (thanks to my lolo) and we've thought of watching their game live but oh well...we never got to do that.


anyways, after 20 years of being a "kabarangay," i've found myself watching our team's rival...who else, but Purefoods. but i got to see them play live! so i guess, my lolo would not be haunting me after all. besides, most of the kabarangays have already retired if not transferred to another basketball team. and can i just say that they play well? most especially james yap and kerby raymundo, who happens to be my kababayan in Bataan. but forget it, i shouldn't be writing about them here unless i get addicted to them too!

so yesterday, with merely 3hours of sleep, kris and i went to watch Game 3. I was given anhour to prepare but i still made sure to have makeup on! hehehhe usually, it takes me 2-3 hrs to prepare but what the heck...sometimes you just really need to move fast! so i decided to just have a color combo that i've already tried before and i really am hoping that i am not boring you:

eyes: Modelco Brow kit in Dark, UDPP topped with MAC painterly, Taylormade e/s in Gala on the inner lid and lower inner lash line, Taylormade e/s in Shock on the outer lid, outer-V, a bit on the crease and on the outer lower lash line, Fasio 3D Mascara in Brown and MAD e/s in candlelight on the browbone

face and lips: Lumiere Cashmere foundation in Light Medium Neutral, Red Earth blush in Tender Love, Smashbox lip primer, Smashbox lipstick in Sweet topped with MAC gellee in Dewy Jube.

and here's my eotd's after my shift (geesh, i am so loving UDPP!)

and again...i just wanna say that I AM LOVING LUMIERE CASHMERE FOUNDATION! This is definitely my HG mmu foundie. it looks glowing, my skin looks fresh (just ignore the eyebags, please) and it really covers my pimple scars. and the best thing is: i don't need to retouch...i just blot some oilies on my nose, spritz evian on my face and i'm again good to go!
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