Sunday, February 17, 2008

and just when i said i'll be on a "no-shopping" mode... officemate of mine sent me a message if i'm interested to get some Victoria Secrets items. So i asked, "do you have the body sprays?" and she replied, "nope, but you can check out some of their body scrubs."


for the past two weeks i've been ordering like mad from mineral makeup companies online. if i get an info that this or that mmu company has an ongoing sale, i'll be like "what's their website again?" and will be adding items (mostly e/s) to my shopping cart like crazy. and the next thing i know, i'm getting that darn plastic card out of my wallet.

pathetic, yeah...but what the heck, this is my way of de-stressing. other women out there splurge on clothes, bags, shoes and other branded items...while i go gaga over skincare and makeup. but i realized that i've been spending too much lately so i told myself..."this really have to stop, no more going to malls or checking out makeups online for you, jhengky!"

and there you go, it's like my addictions have their own way of blocking my planned shopping rehab. i just can't resist...wahhh. and yep, i "was" just to check the body scrubs though i know i won't be getting anything since i want body sprays (sweet temptation, yey!) but when i got back to my office desk, i was carrying this small VS paper bag with my goodies.


oh man! i simply can't resist these sweet-smelling, is it my fault? temptation had its way again on me. (o tukso, layuan mo akoooo...LOL)

see how yummy looking these goodies are? strawberry fizz moisture gel (left) and bare bronze pre-glow body scrub (right). now, can you blame me for not saying NO?

(geesh, jhengky...stop convincing yourself. )

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standupforme said...

i like the victorias secrets body cares. the best thing is the smell i think. I used the set with the body wash, cream, and spray and I loved it. the texture was so silky too. yours look really good too!

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