Saturday, February 9, 2008

feeling blue?

yep, i am...i dunno, maybe it's just one of those days when all i want to do is to lie down and do nothing. in fact, i thought of not coming in to work but what am i to do at home anyways? hayyy...i wish my cable internet gets connected soon so i can just work from home on days like this.
anyhoo...i just want to partner up my mood with my eyeshadow for today. tee-hee...of course, i wouldn't want anybody else to know that i am feeling down and lonely ano! hmp, if i can only blurt out the reason why. but, i decided not to be a drama queen even just for today.
Shades of blues aren't my favorite, yah know! (yeah right..duh!) so eventhough i get a lot of not-so-good stares from other people who seem to came from other planets, i still don't care! i love blues and nobody...even those who claim to be "conservative" when it comes to putting on makeup, can ever stop moi!

so here's what i've come up with my eyes.

used: Modelco Browkit, OM e/s in Marina on the inner lid, MAD pigment in Blue Jay on the outer lid, crease and heavily (almost) applied on the outer-V, artdeco e/s #10 used as highlighter on the browbones and L'oreal Lash Architect in Black

and again, no FOTD since i am still peeling terribly.

(sniff sniff)

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