Sunday, February 10, 2008

a great idea to store my MMU baggie samples

whenever i get sample baggies, i usually transfer them to pots which i fondly call as my "pot session" but this time, i got an idea from a fellow GTer and kikay enthusiast Annielise. And since the samples i recently got are too little in amount that transferring them to pots will be just like a waste of time, i decided to follow what she did on her samples. She stores them in an album!


a part of my Joppa e/s samples

my Joppa sample blushes in baggies

nice idea di ba? so when i went to the mall yesterday i decided to buy an album with self-adhesive sheet pages where i can keep my sample baggies for easy viewing. this is indeed a great idea, easier for you to see the shades and easier to come up with e/s combos. and aside from that, you get to save a lot of time and moolah from buying pots and doing "pot session!"

thanks thanks a lot to dear Annielise for this idea.


Liz said...

ang dami mo talaga makeup.. ! haha! i envy you..

Unknown said...

naku, mas marami pa din yung iba ano...hehhehe

Jillsabs said...

can i use the photo of your ingenious method of storing MMU for kikay exchange?

due credit to you of course :)

Unknown said...

sis jillsabs, sure! :)

Gracie said...

Wow! This is genius! Mind you, I haven't got that much and having an album of pigments will encourage me to buy more ha ha ha!

Well done Jheng! Muah!

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