Thursday, February 21, 2008

the green-eye shadowed monster and my basketball championship game eotds/fotds...

i hope i am not boring you with my eotds since i've been using the same shades every now and then. and by now, i am sure it's obvious that i love GREENS!

eyes: Modelco Brow kit in Dark, UDPP topped with MAC painterly, Mad pigment in Nirvana on the inner one-thirds of the lid, OM e/s in Tiki in middle lid and Mad Peridot Stone on the outer-V and crease, MAD pigment in Candlelight on the browbone, Elianto Fake Lash Mascara in Brown

face and lips: Smashbox Photofinish primer light, MUFE Mat Velvet Liquid Foundation, Aubrey Nicole blush in Eden, Smashbox lipstick in Sweet topped with MAC gellee in Dewy Jube.

and here's how i look after my 9-hour shift:

sorry, i no longer have a lipstick nor a lipbalm on. heheheh. i just can't seem to make it stay on my lips despite using a lip primer. oh well, it just shows that i eat a lot so my lipstick always get rubbed off.


yesterday was my first time to watch the PBA finals live. I've been a huge fan of Barangay Ginebra when i was a kid (thanks to my lolo) and we've thought of watching their game live but oh well...we never got to do that.


anyways, after 20 years of being a "kabarangay," i've found myself watching our team's rival...who else, but Purefoods. but i got to see them play live! so i guess, my lolo would not be haunting me after all. besides, most of the kabarangays have already retired if not transferred to another basketball team. and can i just say that they play well? most especially james yap and kerby raymundo, who happens to be my kababayan in Bataan. but forget it, i shouldn't be writing about them here unless i get addicted to them too!

so yesterday, with merely 3hours of sleep, kris and i went to watch Game 3. I was given anhour to prepare but i still made sure to have makeup on! hehehhe usually, it takes me 2-3 hrs to prepare but what the heck...sometimes you just really need to move fast! so i decided to just have a color combo that i've already tried before and i really am hoping that i am not boring you:

eyes: Modelco Brow kit in Dark, UDPP topped with MAC painterly, Taylormade e/s in Gala on the inner lid and lower inner lash line, Taylormade e/s in Shock on the outer lid, outer-V, a bit on the crease and on the outer lower lash line, Fasio 3D Mascara in Brown and MAD e/s in candlelight on the browbone

face and lips: Lumiere Cashmere foundation in Light Medium Neutral, Red Earth blush in Tender Love, Smashbox lip primer, Smashbox lipstick in Sweet topped with MAC gellee in Dewy Jube.

and here's my eotd's after my shift (geesh, i am so loving UDPP!)

and again...i just wanna say that I AM LOVING LUMIERE CASHMERE FOUNDATION! This is definitely my HG mmu foundie. it looks glowing, my skin looks fresh (just ignore the eyebags, please) and it really covers my pimple scars. and the best thing is: i don't need to retouch...i just blot some oilies on my nose, spritz evian on my face and i'm again good to go!


standupforme said...

I love green! I really like the colors of all the eyeshadows.. I think it looks really flattering on you. you have really pretty eyes!

Unknown said...

awww..thanks sis :) i hope to see eotds from you soon!

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