Friday, February 15, 2008

how to spend valentines day without a date?

what could be worse than working on a graveyard shift and you have no eff-ing date!? oh well...i can't remember a single valentines day in my life when i got to celebrate it like everybody else does. you know, candlelight dinners, a romantic walk in the park holding hands with somebody, stargazing, or a surprise dinner prepared by your partner...the works! sad to say, it's just like an ordinary day for me....but unlike any other ordinary days, this is one day when you get stares from people when they see you dining out or watching a movie or just being alone. it's like you have this disease or something that makes you different from the others and it's as if they would want to give you a pat on the back and say "you poor thing..."

hehehe..don't take me wrong. i am not being bitter...i actually got used to it already. so today, after my shift (waited for a few more hours, actually) i went to Smart Wireless Center with Odette to pay for my internet subscription. though i've been hearing a lot of terrible reviews about Smart Bro(ken?) i decided to get it since they provide fast installation (hopefully, fast connection too!). Then we had to drop by her previous employer to get her certificate of employment and after that, where else to go but to the Mall!

so off to Glorietta we go...days ago i got a text message from Skinfood's SA that their Aloe Blemish Balm is now available, which i've been waiting for a couple of weeks now. But guess what, i still ended up buying their ginko variant (LOL) and also their muffin concealer (which i love because of its packaging and its cute sponge brush) and their seaweed makeup remover/cleanser.

Odette's such a bookworm so we also dropped by National Bookstore. I browsed thru the Fashion/Beauty section and ended up with this useful (hopefully) little book on Beauty Fixes. I also grabbed a copy of this month's Girlfriend magazine and just when i was about to pay, Odette reminded me bout the book i've been wanting to get...Photoshop for Dummies! Unfortunately, there's none but i was able to get a good alternative (well, i do hope so) since i just need to learn the basics. Hay, buti na lang i was with Odette...she reminded me of what i need instead of ending up getting those i just want.

So here's my loot for today:

from Skinfood: Muffin concealer, Ginko BB, Seaweed Makeup Remover/Cleanser and some freebies (mask, wash and toner)

their muffin concealer in shade #1...i love the sponge brush and yeah, that's the reason why i bought it.


from National Bookstore: Girlfriend Mag, Simple Photoshop and Fast Beauty Quick Fixes (me thinks i REALLY need this as well)

and oh...FYI, for a purchase of 2500+ from Skinfood, you'll get a bag and a kikay kit as freebies:

so what's the best way to celebrate this day for people like moi?

what else but to go SHOPPING with your girl friend/s!


and by the way, i got connected after lunch. whoa, fast installation service indeed! the speed's okay, but i'm keeping my fingers crossed that i won't be posting on those Smart Bro(ken)-Sucks boards one of these days or sooner.

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AskMeWhats said...

Hi, thanks for this post..grabe the skinfood muffin concealer shade packaging looks like Paul and Joe :D Super nice packaging :)

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