Sunday, February 10, 2008

i also heart nail polishes...

i just realized that i haven't posted anything about my nail polish collection. i don't really have a BIG collection though, for some of those i hoard will go to my mom...i only keep those that i really like, and most of them are the dark-colored ones.

so take a look of my nail polish stash:

and here's a few of my faves:

i told yah, i love dark shades...most of my nail polishes are from The Face Shop and from our local brand, Caronia. I have 2 from Orly, expensive but they stay longer (hmm...i just realized that i would need to post a review about these nail polish brands, soon!)

i love these shades for my feet...most especially if i am to be wearing sandals. but for my hands, i sometimes wear them too but i usually settle with these:

yep...these two are my must-haves since i have brittle nails :( they easily break boo-hoo...i drink a lot of milk naman, hmmm..maybe i need to take calcium supplements na no?

oh well...

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