Sunday, February 17, 2008

i chose my family over my papa piolo...

as if! LOL

well, its just that a few days ago i was blabbing about winning VIP tickets for the Clear Black Parade and the chance to see my papa again in person after what...hmm 5 or 6 years? yeah, i got to see him years ago at NAIA with Diether Ocampo but i just dunno why i can't even bring myself to approach him and have our picture taken when my mom had her arms all around him and Diether, all smiles and me taking their pictures. Mom took the cam from me after and pushed me to approach Piolo and have our picture, but guess what...i said no. DUMB, STUPID me! waaahhhh...i must admit, i can be crazy and kikay and makulit like hell at times but i can still be shy. Arrghhh...

oh when i got an email from sophie that i won VIP passes, i told myself that this time...i gotta have to have my picture taken with my papa piolo.

but a day before the event, mom texted me that they will be going to Tagaytay the next day to have lunch at Sonya's Garden and they will be bringing Yvette, or Peng, as i fondly call her with them who just turned 10 last February 14. (nice date for a birthday, no?) and of course, i never had second thoughts of joining them instead of being with my papa Piolo.

i chose my family over him. LOL, as if may relasyon hahaha..

so after my shift and an hour of sleep, i prepared and met my family an hour and a half later. we went to Sonya's garden and had lunch there. It was also my first time there and it's such a nice, cozy place. I would suggest bringing your loved ones there and enjoy their healthy servings of salad, bread and pasta and desserts. Yep, there's no rice. :P everybody will get to eat the same food. First, salad will be served. you get to choose what you would like to combine your greens with: mangoes, peanuts, cucumbers, hardboiled eggs, etc and their salad dressing is just so yummy that i bought a bottle for myself. then, the bread. again, you'll have a variety of choices for the spread. then the pasta, get to choose between red or white sauce and then combine it with mushrooms, capers, olives, salmon, etc (it's like create your own pasta). the last will be the desserts and of course, before the meal starts, they will serve you with their refreshing lemonade. yum, yum. and if you want more servings of anything, just say so and they will give you more! all these for P620/head. not bad, di ba?

a pic of my Sam (my sis) and Peng (my cuz) during our lunch at Sonya's. more pictures to follow since all the pics are in my mom's digicam.

by the way, we also saw JB from PBB's season 1. Wala lang...he's a lot cuter in TV, though. But not that really cute. What i mean is, he looks better in TV. LOL!

and here's a picture of me and Peng during dinner at MOA:

yep, from Manila we went to Tagaytay for lunch and went all our way back to Manila for dinner. LOL...we did some shopping, since it's almost 8pm when we arrived there and we had dinner first. After that they brought me home in Makati and went back to Bataan at past 11pm. I didn't go home with them since i'd be going home next weekend.

so if ever i'd be in a situation where i would need to choose between my family and any other papa (be it Piolo, Brad Pitt or Orlando Bloom), i'll still choose my family anytime. :)

oh, and i did mention "some shopping," didn't i? heehehe..

i got my baby a new case since i've noticed a dew scratches already on my crystal case. I saw this at Toy Kingdom while buying some Gameboy advanced games for my cuz and abubots for Sam.

my baby on her new "home." nice, isn't it?

Mac paintpot in Painterly and an eyeshadow brush from Marrionnaud. Their brushes are nice, that i wanted to get their set. Arrghh, another lemming. Anyways, thanks mom for this loot! ;)

a long-sleeved bolero (is this how it's called?) from another fave store, Mossimo.

and yep, we also did some hoarding from Candy Store. I just got myself a bag of jelly beans (100g) which i've found to be another comfort food for me when i get stressed in the office and this lollipop (which is from toy Kingdom) which lights up! hehehe...weird, but cute. I love candies, but i need to watch my calorie intake for this week since i need to lose weight in time for my friend's wedding on April! and next weekend's our appointment with the couturier for our gowns.



standupforme said...

i love mossimo too! but I can't find the shop anywhere near my home though..

Unknown said...

where are you from sis? another store i love is terranova.. :)

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