Saturday, February 2, 2008

mags, mags and more mags!

i've been buying a lot of magazines lately...will post a pic later so you will know why :)
anyways, here's a few of what i got yesterday:

honestly, i didn't recognize who's in the cover of this month's issue of Metro. It's Judy Ann Santos! I mean, it's a sexier and more beautiful Judy Ann! Grabe, i can hardly remember how she used to look like years ago. Look at her now, slimmer and more posh. I love her makeup in here too! I don't really buy Metro Magazine (i leave that to my mom) but after seeing who's in the cover, i immediately grabbed a copy!

I also have this month's issue of Cosmopolitan with Hillary Duff in the cover. Like Judy Ann, she looks like she really lost a lot of weight. But IMHO, i prefer the way she looks before. She looks older when she got slimmer. But i still like her. :)

I try to get a copy of Cosmo every month, but this time, i made sure i get a copy. Why? Because for this month, it comes with this:

geesh, i am so inlove with him! Darn those who keep on saying he's gay...inggit lang sila. but even if he is, i dont give a damn. i still love piolo!!! :)

now tell me, isn't he gorgeous? his sheepish smile makes my heart melt and my knees shake. can you say no in case he would approach you and ask you to be his date on V-day? my gulay...wish ko lang! hehehe...i promised myself that next time i see him, i'll have a picture taken with him...enough with hiya-hiya. i am saying this because some years ago, when my mom and i picked up a friend at NAIA, we saw Piolo and Diether in the waiting area. Apparently, they were in the same plane with my mom's friend. There weren't so many people at that time so mom really took advantage of the chance to have her pictures taken with Piolo and Diether. I took their pictures and then mom asked me if i want to have my turn, i said no. Grabe, i was so shy to even shake hands with Piolo. He even called me and told me that it's okay..."Huwag ka ng mahiya" sabi pa niya. But my gulay, for sure i really looked stupid and pakipot since it's quite obvious that i want it naman.

Oh well, i got the chance and i blew it. But that would definitely be the last time i'd be like that. Next time, i'll kiss him on the lips if i can. weeheheh...

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