Saturday, February 23, 2008

minerals...and more minerals!

last thursday, mom informed that i have 3 packages that arrived...i was so excited that i wanted to come home and skip work. hehhee...

anyways, saturday came and the first thing i did when i arrived home was to look for my stuff. and here they are: was like xmas time again. i was so excited that i almost forgot to see my mom first. where do these stuff came from?


my mix and match pixie set consists of 5 sample foundies and 8 other 1/4 tsp baggie samples

my Dreamworld foundies

Almost a month ago, i've been exchanging emails with Ellie of Dreamworld about what foundie shades should i get for my pixie set. Unfortunately, upon checking out i encountered some problems with paypal. after several attempts, i decided not to push thru with the order. i took it as a sign that i should stop buying since i've been buying a lot of mmu samples lately and that i need to stop. oh well!

a week later, i got an email notification that Dreamworld sent me a package. Thinking that it might be some sort of an error, i just ignored the email and besides, i never really pushed thru with my order. another week later, i decided to again give it a try. i went back to Dreamworld's site and since mix and match pixie set is no longer available, i decided to get some foundie sample baggies along with several samples of their e/s and blushes from different "worlds." in short, i once again made some serious sample hoarding. LOL i just can't ignore their pretty shades and their nice names. Ellie's really have a great way of naming her minerals...the curiosity for its names and Annielise's review of her products really made me give in.

just days after that, i again got another email that Dreamworld had sent me a package...uh-oh, i began to think that Ellie might really have sent me someting...and then mom told me that i got 3 packages and one of them came from Ellie. And my suspicions are correct, my first order that didn't push thru was sent to me even without any payment from me. So i immediately emailed Ellie about it. I didnt want to take advantage of her probable confusion because of the number of orders coming in. So i asked her how i can pay her for the items she sent me. it would be nice to have them as freebies or maybe i can just not tell her about this mistake (and too bad, i have the same foundie shades ordered on my second attempt) but i d wouldn't want to abuse her kindness in assisting me in what shades to get. i just can't bring myself to fool somebody who give such good customer service.


my she space eye pigments

i am literally drooling over the shades...i love, love loud colors though i also ordered some neutrals and i think some from her velvet collection. the samples are really small, maybe would last you 2-3 uses...but i am VERY SURE that i would be coming back to get some full pots of some of these shades and oh! she has new LE shades that just came out. UH-OH...i am in big trouble!


my meow loot

samples from the Modern Eyes collection

samples from the Scandal Eyes collection

samples from the Ideal Eyes collection

blush samples

samples from the Firefly collection


samples of the WildCats

and i am again trying to find my perfect foundation shade from this brand

freebies i got!

weeeehhh....3 down, 6 more to go!


Nica said...

1. so nagsend siya kahit hindi ka nakabayad... naku if sa iba nangyari yan ok lng... hay! buti nalang at ikaw ang naging customer nya na ganyan nangyari...

2. parang ang konti ng samples =( mga 3-6 application lang ata yan noh?

3. that's a lot ha! hoarder ka talaga... addict!

Unknown said...

uu nagpadala sha kahit nde ako bayad, kung gaga lang ako hindi ko na sha ininform. so ayun babayad ako 17.50 sa kanya, nadoble nga ung mga foundie shades ko eh. pero ayos lang...takot ako sa karma. wehehhe...nakakaaddict na talga nika. i need some serious rehab!!!

The Shades Of U said...

ahhh, an addict after my own heart. I love that you're so into eye makeup too! Can't wait for your FOTDs on those. ;-)

Anonymous said...

feedback about their foundie ah... =) naku oo naman nakafedex ang karma ngayon... hahaha...

nakakaaddict nga ang mmu, ako nakarehab. walang cc eh huhuhu

Anonymous said...

me wants to order meow... waaah... and she space... and joppa... and buffd... and mad... and lumiere... wah... kung mayaman at may cc lng ako... =( sobrang gastos na addiction ito...

Liz said...

wow..! ang dami! :-)

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