Wednesday, February 6, 2008

my best way to de-stress...

i am so darn frustrated and stressed with work (and some people) so instead of sleeping after my shift, i went home, watched tv and waited for a few hours until the mall opened at 10am.
yep, i am infected with a disease common in fact, in men too! well, at least for some men i know :) the way to de-stress is to go shopping!!!

i dunno what came over me but i went straight to rustans makati and found myself having a chat with Hearty, as to what foundie and concealer she can recommend. my gulay...i can't believe it! i mean, me? buying shu? darn...i might have been reallllllyyyy stressed.

so what did i get? lookie, lookie:

i love the foundation and the concealer...but it went dark on me, so later i'd be going back and get a lighter shade. i must be that sleepy that i forgot that i am acidic so i need to get a one shade lighter. but whoa, i can say that the concealer is really good. i went out of rustans without looking like the Undertaker (weehehe) and it didn't crease. Same with the foundation, yun nga lang...wrong shades. tee-hee...

i am praying that i am not that stressed later or else i might end up getting their UV base foam. argggh!

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