Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my Dreamworld swatches...

sorry for the poor quality of pictures, and for the lack of knowledge on how to present swatches. i just realized that it would've been better if i applied them wet instead of dry. But from the looks of these foundie shades, i think i got a match with freyja and hestia and hopefully astrild. Brighid is too yellow for me and too shimmery. Actually these foundies have a bit of shimmer in them, and i am excited to try them out if not only for the fact that i've just paid a visit to my derma yesterday...so no makeup for me for the meantime. (hehehe, and you think i'm gonna be that obedient?)

here are the swatches of the other 8 samples i got with my mix and match pixie set. i love the blue shade of sparkling skies and rhea's happiness blush. the creme toppings (peanut butter and butter cream), i'm not sure if one of them would suit me. let's see once i have them applied on my face. Starlight glo will make a great hilighter for the cheeks and apparition for the eyes.

sorry for my poor description of these lovely swatches. i'll try to do better soon! :)

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