Thursday, February 14, 2008

my EOTN/FOTN using joppa and taylormade minerals...

it's been a while since i got my joppa minerals e/s as well my sample foundies from Taylormade but i haven't got the chance to try them...until today.

used: Modelco Brow Kit in Dark, Joppa e/s in Kayla as base applied wet from the lash line up to brow bone, Joppa e/s in Rainforest applied wet from lash line up to the crease and outer-V, Loreal Lash Architect Mascara in Black, Penshoppe eyeliner applied on the lower lash lines.

used: Smashbox Photofinish Light as primer, Taylormade foundation in Ophelia, TFS Black Label Blusher in Pink, Smashbox lipstick in Sweet, OM Yellow Saffron Concealer for the undereyes and BE Concealer in Bisque for my blemishes (argggh!)

I love the texture of Joppa Minerals. Unlike other mmu e/s, i didn't have a hard time applying them wet. Annielise taught me another way to "foil" eye pigments and that is to wipe my brush with a wet wipe before getting some pigments. With the other mmu pigments, i find it hard to apply them wet...they stick to my e/s brush and when wet the pigments seem to clump, but with Joppa...i was able to apply them wet in a breeze. I also love their e/s shades and i bet, i would be ordering full pots of some of their e/s. Kayla became an instant fave of mine :)

As for TM foundie, i found my exact shade (i think) in Ophelia. It's texture is also smooth, and to my surprise, it didn't cake on me despite the fact that i've been applying like it's my first time to use mmu foundation again. I prefer non-mmu foundation since it's easier to apply and because i spend too much time on my eye makeup (yeah, believe me...though i haven't perfected it yet hehehe) i need to apply makeup on the rest of my face fast...or else, i'd be late for work (though i still come in late...hehe)

So i guess, for my first time of using Joppa e/s and Taylormade foundie, it's a thumbs-up for the both of them! ;)

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