Wednesday, February 27, 2008

my FOTN using Dreamworld's Freyja...

i 'm too excited to try out the foundation samples i got from Dreamworld so despite my derma's instruction not to apply any makeup for at least 3days... i decided to try FREYJA because out of the 5 sample foundies i got, this is the closest to my shade (i think).

face: Smashbox Photofinish Light primer, Dreamworld foundation in Freyja (Luna formulation), Valerie Red Zapper on blemishes, Taylormade blush in Girl

lips: Nivea lip balm, Smashbox lip primer, TFS lipstick in Lovely pink topped with MAC gellee in Dewy Jube

eyes: Modelco brow kit in Dark, UDPP topped with MAC paintpot in Painterly, Taylormade e/s in Bloom for the entire lid, Taylormade e/s in Mint on the lower half of thelid, Max Factor mascara in Brown for the first coat and Elianto Fake Lash Mascara in Brown for the second coat, Shu Uemura pro-concealer in 5YR light topped with OM saffron concealer.

I just paid a visit to my derma so i have a lot of reddish marks on my cheeks so i was buffing like crazy using Dreamworld foundation. I think i might have used too much but i don't see any signs of cakey-ness (is there such a word? LOL) unlike when i use Monave and i put on too much. The finish is creamy and after a few hours my face is dewy, not oily. I didn't try to spritz my face after putting on the foundation, maybe i will try that next time using the other shades i got from my pixie set. I am satisfied with my first attempt in using my Dreamworld foundation, but i won't stop here. I still have 2 shades that i think would suit me and i still have more foundation samples coming. many sampling to do, and yet so little time.

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Liz said...

this looks so sweet.

i'm gonna try this one of these days. :-)

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