Monday, February 4, 2008

my (growing) MAD Minerals collection...

i just got back from the province and instead of sleeping, i decided to again do my "pot-session." hep, hep...people, i am not talking about drugs here though it's something addictive too. Pot session is a term being used by MMU addicts, and it is transferring mmu samples from baggies to pots. :D

anyhoo...i decided to take a picture of my MAD multipurpose minerals...

top row, from left to right: Candlelight, Modest Pink, Desert Shadow, Quiet Storm, Coralee, Naked, Chocoberry

2nd row: Army Green, Desert Cactus, Green Corrector, Yellow Corrector, Whisper Red, Wild Mango, Peridot Stone

3rd row: Cobolt, Day Dreamer, Andulucite, Timeless, Rave, Taxi, Electric Blue

4th row: Chilly, Big Apple, Tropical, Blue Jay, Lime, Nirvana, Delirious

5th row: Papparazzi, Twister, Camisole, Vibe, Fusion

I also have their SPF Powder in a 20g refill baggy and some foundation samples. I haven't tried all of pigments yet but my favorite to date is "Fusion." I got to try it when mom ordered a sample so i decided to get a 5g jar refill baggy for myself! I was able to have 3 pots from that refill baggy... a bigger pot (in this picture) and other 2-5g pots.

and yep, i am not done with them. I want to get a sample of all their multipurpose pigments! :D

they look gorgeous and good enough to eat, eh?

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Anonymous said...


Are Mad Mineral samples (in jars) of a generous size? Is it sufficient for about ten application?


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