Friday, February 8, 2008

my joppa minerals loot...

i thought i am done ordering e/s samples from other mmu brands...i was so wrong! weeks ago, i've read that they are selling e/s and blushes/bronzer samples for such a great price that i wasn't able to resist! imagine $19 for 45 e/s samples and $8 for blushes/bronzers samples? their customer service is also great and i got my package in less than 2 weeks!

so everybody, here's my loot from JOPPA minerals:

i preferred to get my items in the province and have my mom send them to me here in Manila since i'm reading a lot of complaints about the people in the PO here in makati.

here's the blushes/bronzers samples:

i am not a fan of bronzers, in fact with the samples i got, there's only a few that i like. but what the heck, i still love collecting MMUs! (geesh, this is really a disease already)

and here's the eyeshadow samples:

i can say that they have pretty shades...and i love collecting eye pigments the most!

they even threw in a couple of foundation samples and a sample pot of their cucumber cream:

most of the shades are dark, just by looking at it, i am guessing that only 1 or maybe two might fit me. but they are free anyways and who doesnt love freebies!? :P mmu samples in baggies, so are you thinking what i'm thinking? heck, it's time for....


i heard that a week after i placed my order, they decided to lower down the prices for these samples. unfair! :P anyways, i'm gonna update you guys as to what shades i like the most coz right now, i am liking each and every one of them! hehehee...


kach said...

ohwell, atleast you got new stuffs!

btw, where do you buy your pots/jars? always out of stock kasi from watson's or sm. also, do you know where i could buy jars with sifters? thanks po :)

Iambrigitte said...

sa landmark po :) sis, for those pots with sifters wala akong idea eh..maybe u can try BESTPAK in QC?

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