Thursday, February 7, 2008

my makeup stash...

Ever heard of the saying "A girl can never have too much makeup?" I believe that to be oh-so-true. I still remember my first pieces of makeup years ago. I used to have one foundation, one blush, an eyebrow liner and a gloss. that's all!
But eversince i started reading GT, i just found myself collecting and collecting more makeup. I got addicted to it.

Here's some pics of my messy MU stashes:

my mmu samples transferred in pots...i do a lot of "pot sessions" yah know! LOL

another view of my mmu stash

my non-mmu stash (with some mmu too...told you, it's really a mess!)

another view of my non-mmu stash

so where do i store them? i am yet to find a BIG traincase, and because i am still waiting for a lot of mmu samples to arrive, for now this is where i put them:

and yeap, they are just right beside my bed. :) knowing that my precious makeups are just right beside me helps me have a goodnight sleep.



Liz said...

oh my!

i'm practically drooling!

inggit ako.. i easily get tired of makeup, kaya even if i am an impulsive shopper, they do not usually last long with me.. 'yun tuloy, my collection is quite small. :-(

Unknown said...

naku, quite small ka jan! ikaw pa...naku you should see the stashes of the other girls in GT. ni wala sa kalahati ung s akin..

- - aika - - said...

wwwwoooooooowwwwwwwwwww masyado atang madami...

nagsisiksikan na oh

baka gusto mo mamahagi


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