Wednesday, February 27, 2008

my MEOW EOTN in neutrals...

for a change, i decided to wear neutrals and just what i expected, some of my officemates stopped and asked if i was feeling okay. arrggghhh, they said my eyes look dull and tired. huh!? oh well, i guess they are just not used to seeing me wearing earth shades (same here!)
anyways, it's my first time to try out the eyeshadows i got from Meow and just like any other mmu e/s i've tried, they are highly pigmented and lasted on me the whole night. But was it maybe because i was also wearing UDPP? hmmm...maybe i should try wearing my mmu e/s without it and let's see how long they will last on my uber oily lids.

used: MEOW Modern Eyes e/s in Gone with the Kitty applied on the entire lid up to the browbones, MEOW Scandal Eyes e/s in Lana T. applies on the outer-V and above the crease, Modelco brow kit in Dark, Elianto Fake Lash Mascara in Brown

and today, i also tried another foundation sample i got from Dreamworld, Astrild in Luna formulation.

used: Dreamworld topping in Butter Cream used as primer and finishing powder, DW foundation in Astrild (Luna) applied dry, DW blush in Rhea's Happiness, Shu Uemura Pro Concealer applied on the undereyes topped with OM Saffron, Victoria Secrets Beauty Rush Lipgloss in Lotta Collada

hmm, so what do you think is my shade in DW...Freyja or Astrild?


anyways, i am beginning to hate my camera phone :( the pictures don't give justice to the great colors of these eyeshadows (or maybe i have poor lighting? or im just plain stupid when it comes to taking pictures LOL) i think i need to get a separate camera for my eotds/fotds...

me want a new camera


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