Sunday, February 10, 2008

my sunday loot...

can you do me a favor? can you please remind me to go home right after hearing mass on a Sunday and not to drop by the mall? Or maybe a church near a mall isn't a good idea after all when we do have a church near my place.

oh well...okay, i'm just stressed (again) that's all and i was wrong to think that our pigging out yesterday lunch at dampa and hoarding DVDs would help. so after hearing mass at GB3, i decided to drop by Glorietta and Landmark.

To my surprise, i was not in the mood to buy clothes...and that i didn't really do some mega-shopping...i just bought a few stuffs, that's all.

lookie, lookie:

from landmark: Biolink Tea Tree Feminine spray (nice idea, huh!), Clean and Clear pimple cleading speed gel (just because i am breaking out like crazy...) and my HG wet wipes, J&J fresh cleansing wipes.

i am not sure, but is this the first time that we are going to have such product locally? i immediately grabbed one since i also believe that wiping off with a tissue isn't enough so i bring Lactacyd wet wipes when i'm on the go or when i am in the office. I want to try this...i just hope i won't get allergies.

and my The Face Shop loot:

i got myself a headband in pink so i can push back my hair when im cleaning my face (as if i have such a long hair!), Quick and Clean toner and oil-free moisturizer (geesh, i hope my derma won't be able to see this post or i'm dead...for here i go again, trying out skin care items just when i already have one that works for me) and this elbow and knee mask (imagine, i thought we only have masks for the face...apparently, we also have one for the elbows and the knees as well!) and yep, they gave me two soap samples...but i forgot what they are called so i might not just use them...i really need to be a good listener next time.
so there... a happy jhengky after my short trip at the mall :)


Anonymous said...

Grapefruit something yung soap...I forgot the name too and I have a soap that works for me so I just used TFS freebie as hand soap, mabango pa.

Unknown said...

ah grapefruit pala un kaya mabango..yeah me too gagamitin ko na lang na handsoap :)

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