Wednesday, February 13, 2008

OMG...i have a post-valentines date

...with other bloggers that also won a VIP pass to Clear's Black Parade this coming Sat, February 16. Yaiksss...i am so excited!

how i wish i get to see my papa piolo...ohmigosh, i might die at the very moment i see him! LOL
thanks sis sophie and see you there :)

(kahit man lang dito makabawi ako sa malungkot kong balentayms...weehehe)

dear papa jesus,
please let me get the chance to have a picture with my labidabs piolo...i promise i'll be a good girl, just make it happen...puh-leeeaaseeeee!!!!


Liz said...

haha! cute!

anyway, post mo photo nyo ni Piolo dito sa blog mo ha? ;-)

Unknown said...

hehehe..sana nga sis, makita ko siya :)

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