Tuesday, February 19, 2008

on pale pinks and blues...

I just realized why i kept on using FOTDs/EOTDs when in fact, they are supposed to be FOTNs/EOTNs since i work at night. But my day is actually at night time...so what the heck, here's my FOTDs/EOTDs yesterday:

and below are taken after my shift (some 9 hours after my makeup application, sorry i no longer have any lipstick on):

eyes: Modelco Brow Kit in Dark, Mac Paintpot in Painterly applied all over the lid up to the brow bone, TM e/s in Whisp on the entire lid and brow bone, OM in Musing applied on the lid tracing the eyeball and extended to the outer-V (darn, forgive me on my description...i suck on giving instructions!), L'oreal Lash Architech Mascara in Black, Shu Uemura Pro Concealer applied under the eyes and topped with Meow undereye concealer in frisky chartreux.

face: Lumiere Cashmer foundation in Light Medium Neutral applied, Valerie Red Zapper on blemishes, Red Earth blush in Tender Love.

lips: Smashbox lip primer, Smashbox lipstick in Sweet topped with MAC gellee in Dewy Jube

This was the first time i've tried my Lumiere foundation in Cashmere formula and i just gotta say that i am impressed. I applied it dry, then used Red Zapper for spot-concealing and then i've used Evian to spritz some water on my face. I applied a second layer of Lumiere and then my blush and finished my look by applying MAC gellee on top of my almost nudish-pink smashbox lipstick.

I love the feel of Lumiere foundation on my skin...i can't stop touching my face all night and looking at myself in the mirror to check for some oilies. But the only part of my face that became oily was my nose, and i just had to use an oil blotting paper to get rid of it. But would you believe that i did not retouch all night? yep, not even once! Usually, i use my MAC Blot powder to retouch but not this time. When i got home and took some pictures, i looked like i have just applied my foundation.

Hmm...i know i am still on a no-buy period but how am i suppose to say No to the only mineral foundation that made me look almost flawless like this? and to think, i didn't use any foundation primer before applying Lumiere.


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