Friday, February 29, 2008

patience is a virtue that i dont have...

after my shift, i dropped by air21 near the office to send a few packages. after filling up the forms and paying for the shipping, i remembered that i was expecting a package to arrive yesterday but it didn't...and since this air21 outlet i went to happens to be near where i live (and where i expect to get my package) i tried my luck and asked the guy in the counter if they happen to have a package for me.
he looked at me, puzzled, because they are supposed to deliver packages to the consignees and not to have the consignees pick up packages from them. but what the heck, i've been waiting for my items for a while now so i took my chance. and yep, they do have a package for me. all i had to do was to present an id and well, give them the sender's details as well as my details and the next thing i knew, i was on my way home with a big smile on my face despite the tons of work i had to do in the office.

so, what's exactly in this package that i couldn't wait to have it delivered to me?

hmm...will post later ;)

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