Saturday, February 9, 2008

saturday lunch food-tripping...

and to prove that it's not only makeup that i am addicted's a proof of what i and my BFF loves to do at times we feel like "deprived..."

foodtripping at dampa, macapagal!
yep, and that was after we hit the gym right after our friday night shift...but we just used the jacuzzi and sauna, we didn't really had a workout. please don't nag me by saying "you go to the gym to work out and yet you pig out after?" so there...that won't give you any reason to nag me because i didn't really had a work out :P
food's yummy..and cheap too! for all those we paid more or less P1300. and don't worry we never got to finish all of them. its just that we're fond of seeing a lot of food (takaw-mata).
hayy...i so miss eating those sugpos (prawns)

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