Saturday, February 2, 2008

what to do with your magazines after reading them?

I did say that i will tell you guys the reason why i have been collecting fashion magazines lately, didn't i? Actually, i've started collecting magazines like Preview, Metro, Cosmo, Candy, Meg, etc for quite a long time now. But the main reason was just to check for new cosmetics, fashion stuffs and get any reviews about them. Sometimes, i would snag 2-3 magazines a day from our friendly 7-11, and to be honest...i just browse thru the pages, check out pictures and hmmm, okay sometimes i read articles that would seem interesting. It was just lately that i got to appreciate these magazines because not only do they feature what's IN (or inform you what's already OUT) these days but they also have very interesting articles that you can relate yourself with or help you in some ways.
Unlike before, now i try to read these magazines from cover to cover and not just browse thru its pages (yeah, so stupid of me to spend hundreds to just check pictures). But after reading them...what am i to do with them? At first, i had them stored in a box or sometimes i give it away to some friends who failed to get a copy for a certain month. Until i started to get REALLY interested in makeup that i finally found another use for these magazines instead of just stocking them somewhere.

So what did i do then?

take a look of what i got busy with last weekend:

hehehe...i came up with a different kind of "photo album!"
so there, i've been cutting the models' eyes/face so i can copy some of their looks. (as if i can...duh!) heheh actually, i was just looking for an excuse so i can use up my growing collection of mineral eyeshadows. :D
i know some of you ladies would hate me for cutting the pages of these magazines. like one of my friends said, "sayang naman, ginupit-gupit mo e ang mamahal nun!" but what the heck, i'm done reading them...what else am i to do with them???

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