Sunday, March 30, 2008

my loots for the week...

Earlier this week, i got a message from my Aunt that i have a package. I was surprised to know that it's from Elegant Minerals because i just got an email that my items have been shipped less than a week ago! Wow, that was fast!

So today, when my mom and sis came over, they gave me my package:

i got myself a sample kit of their Light and Medium foundation shades, a couple of eyeshadow samplers, setting powder, blushes , concealers and their clay mask. I bought this loot online when they had their 50% off sale weeks ago. My total order is $25, so after the promo it was $12.50 but after adding the shipping of $12...i still ended up with almost the same price before i availed of their promo. Wahahaha...

Anyways, i love their packaging. the samples come in sealed 5g pots...they seem so meticulous in their packaging...and i love their customer service too!

Mid this week, i got some items from a friend who sells Shiseido eyeshadows...I love the colors, and i just can't resist getting some:

and today, i went to the mall with mom and sis to look for something to wear on my sister's recognition day...i wasn't feeling very well because i feel hmm..constipated. LOL! I've been eating too much since last night and i went to sleep right after my BIG meal. When mom and sis finished their shopping, i only have a pair of shoes and an eye makeup remover with me. I thought i'd be going home "almost" empty-handed...until i dropped by MAC (uh-ohhhh!)

anyways, here's my loot for today:

I put in everything inside the WADE bag i got from buying this pair:

i can never get enough of wedges :)

poor me...i only got this Lip and Eye makeup remover from Watsons (hehehe) Actually i got this and a Revlon Feria Hair Color but mom brought it home in the province since i'll be coming home this weekend anyways. Sometimes, she's the one who colors my hair :) Sometimes, i do. I do my base color then i just go to a salon for the highlights.

Now, here's my Mac loot:

(drum roll)

Studio Fix Liquid in NC15, MSF in Natural, Amplified Cream Lipstick in Profusion and a Holiday Face Brush set!

I also got a freebie:

MAC Wipes, Lip Conditioner and a 129SE brush!

So for today, i got myself a total of 5 MAC SE brushes:

just by looking at them makes me wanna jump with joy...tee-hee

now i have 2 MAC 187. The long-handled one and the SE:

I just hope that i will use them...they look so pretty that i am thinking of just putting them on display. LOL!

The bag's also nice, but i don't think i can bring this with me when i go out:

but it is still MAC! :)

so there...i am officially on a NO BUY until next month! I want to poke my head real hard because for this month alone, i've spent too much on makeup. Geesh, i need some serious shopping rehab!

and just when i told myself that i won't be visiting MAC for the entire month of April, i just discovered that NC15 is too light for me. ARghhh! When the SA applied this earlier on me, it looked okay...but when i came home and tried it again, it looks light on me especially when i took pictures!

Grrrr...Actually, NC25 is a good match...but mom, insisted on getting a shade lighter because i am acidic so we tried NC20 and it's still a good match but they don't have stocks so i ended up buying NC15. She tried it on me and it looks okay...but now, it's not! huhuhuhu

Oh well, i just wish i can return this one soon so i can get the NC20 once they replenish their stocks. But i am impatient, so i guess i'd be having a trip to another MAC counter to get a new one and just keep this NC15 for my upcoming makeup classes.

anyways, i am still happy with my MAC loot.

But guess what really made my day?


yumm! :)

so remember, i am on a NO-buy....please help me keep myself from buying more makeup.

"summery" looks...

so i was absent yesterday because of the irritation on my undereyes....after resting for a day, i'm back to applying eye makeup. (grins)

this time, i opted to go for a not-so-loud eye makeup...just so it wont be too obvious that i am wearing makeup despite the irritation hhehehe....

used: Modelco Brow kit in Dark, UDPP, Meow Ideal Eyes in Kept Kitty on the entire lid and on the lower lash lines, Meow Modern Eyes in Tomcat applied on the contour of the eye up to just above the crease, Meow Modern Eyes in Dr. ZhiCATo applied under the browbones, Fasio 3D Mascara in Brown and Shu Uemura pro concealer topped with OM Saffron concealer on the undereyes

used: Smashbox Photofinish Light primer, Dreamworld foundation in Freyja then topped with Dreamworld toppings in Butter Creme, Cargo Blush in Molokai and Revlon Lustrous Lipstick in Pink in the Afternoon topped with Mac Gellee in Dewy Jube.

I know i didn't blend well the colors on my eyes...they're not even! and i think this is one of those eotds that i didn't do the "winged" look so it's something i am not used to. I love doing the "winged" look but i know i need to learn more techniques (if what i do can be called a technique, LOL!)

So i came back to work after a day of being absent...but I skipped work again last Friday. hehehe, not because i have swollen undereyes...but just because i was too lazy to get up and go to work. (bad!) oh well, i am sure i am not the only one who gets lazy to come to work from time to time. I hope i get over this soon though :)

Today, I met with my mom and my sis. Mom was worried about my undereyes, so they decided to check on me and besides my not-so-little-anymore sister needs to shop for a dress for her recognition day next week (yep, she's on the Honor Roll!) For days, mom has been harassing me to see a doctor to have my eyes checked. She told me not to wear or put anything on my face esp. on my eye imagine her surprise when she saw me wearing this:

used: Modelco Brow kit in Dark, UDPP topped with MAC Paintpot in Soft Ochre all over lids, Elianto eyeshadow (Yellow Gold and Orange), Milan eyepigment in Leprechaun used as eyeliner on the upper lash lines (applied wet using Gelle Drops) and lower lash lines (applied dry), Shu Uemura pro concealer topped with OM Saffron Concealer on the undereyes and Fasio 3D Mascara in Brown

Again, sorry for the poor blending. Waaahh...i still suck!
Saturday, March 29, 2008

My 5 Beauty Crimes...

Thanks Shen for tagging me! :)

Anyways, here's my top 5 (heheh coz i have lots!) beauty crimes:

1. I prick my pimples. Ewwww, i know. But i just can't seem to stand seeing a pimple on my face...most especially those big, red ones. I prick them, either by the use of my fingers (tskk..bad bad) or by a pricking tool and then i apply clindamycin after. Sometimes, it helps but most of the time i end up with nasty scars. Waaahhh

2. I smoke. Well, i used to because i stopped before the Holy Week and i've been sticking to that promise it until now. I am not a chain-smoker or something like that but i don't really see any reason i should smoke except when i'm out with friends and everybody else is smoking and i'm not. I have this lame excuse that i would rather die smoking than die by second-hand smoking. Tee-hee...

3. I don't stick to my skin regimen (uh-oh i wish my derma isn't reading this). I am fond of experimenting stuffs on my face especially when there are new products out in the market, even though i have already found my HG skin regimen (Obagi). So there would be times that my derma friend will be surprised to see me having breakouts and rashes when i would tell her i am not using anything aside from Obagi.

4. I rub my eyes like crazy. i have these ugly lines, not to mention oversized eyebags. sometimes i wish i have eye makeup on all the time because it's the only thing that keeps me from rubbing them.

5. I touch my face all the time. :( I know this is a big no-no but when i'm too lazy to check my face for oilies on the mirror, i use my fingers to check. Also, when i'm happy with a newly bought foundation that makes my face feel really smooth...i end up touching my face from time to time just to convince myself that i indeed made the right choice in buying the foundation.

Waaaahh...i'm such a bad girl! =P

Well, at least i am now on my way of eliminating my crime #2. I still have 4 to get over with...LOLz

Thanks again, sis Shen. Now it's my turn to tag these ladies:
Monica, Joan, Nikkiz, Sophie and Bambi

Post away, gorgeous ladies! (kisses)
Thursday, March 27, 2008

an all-Lumiere EOTN...

despite my derma's advice of resting my face, specifically my eye area, from makeup and being a sutil (hard-headed) biatch, i still wore makeup yesterday.

result: i'm absent from work today.


nahh...i'm just being lazy, that's all!


okay, undereyes are all sore today and itching like crazy. So i was advised to take some medicines and apply a topical cream under my eyes. And well, the medicine made me feel more lazy than i already am so i decided to just stay at home :P

anyways, here's my EOTN yesterday wearing another HG-material when it comes to eyeshadows...and oh, on foundations too!

used: Smashbox Brow kit in Dark, UDPP, Soft Fuschia e/s topped with Multipurpose Chameleon on the entire lid just above the crease, Twilight Green e/s on the outer-V and on the crease, Halo under the browbones topped with Multipurpose Chameleon, L'oreal Lash Architect mascara in Black and Shu Uemura pro concealer topped with OM Saffron concealer on the undereyes

to give you an idea how bad it really looked this morning after my shift:

see how dry my undereyes are? the concealers are all cakey and dry... :(

they are kinda swelling too...see?

sorry for the marks on my nose, i hate the eyeglasses i wear in the office. actually, all eyeglasses do these to me. They're not that tight on me though...

i really look tired and haggard in this pic...i feel so damn ugly and old. :(

oh's a lot better now (i think) and hopefully the little red bumps will go away too. I am putting on SYNALAR cream on my undereye area, and it makes me feel like i have diaper rash on my face since i remember my mom applying this cream on my younger sister when she was still a baby.

eye area = diaper rash...ewww!

we still have no idea what caused this, since i've been using all the same makeup and eye cream and this is the first time that this happened to me. i had to stop my other vitamins and health-supplements, hoping to isolate the problem...and i've been hearing that some medicines actually cause some swelling and allergic reactions. i am actually freaking out since i feel like i have a sore throat too. geesh, wth is happening to me?

so a word of advice to my fellow what your doctors tell you!


my makeup brush holder...

as promised, here's a pic of what i use as my brush holder:


It was September last year when we went to Enchanted Kingdom so i would stop from throwing tantrums. i was complaining that he no longer takes me out on a date back then so one Sunday afternoon, he skipped his part-time job just to bring me to EK. It was taken inside the... (damn, i forgot LOLz) and we thought it's a nice shot so we had it printed on a cup. I didnt want to use it for drinking...but i was able to find a good use for it


this way, i would still be thinking of him even though i'm putting my makeup on...
Tuesday, March 25, 2008

my uber mini loot...

i feel like everything else is just so against me today so i decided to go home early. I dropped by a convenience store to get myself some stuffs and food for breakfast.

I dunno if i am really going to post this mini loot of mine (that is, if i can call it a loot!)...but i just miss posting pics of my hauls and i've been on vacation last week and i haven't been ordering stuffs online and i am not yet getting my packages...(whew!)

anyways...hehehe, here's my loot:

some facial cotton (i have lots of this and yet i got myself another one..toink!), physiogel cream (for my uber dry undereyes...i can't put eyecream yet but i am itching to death because of dryness so i need something to moisturize it), L'oreal whitening toner (im running out of my Neutrogena Fine Fairness toner...yep, im jumping off to another brand...hehehhe), my HG makeup remover Nivea Cleansing Milk and Lyna Medicated Cream (hehehe, i just read Anne's post and i suddenly got curious so i told myself i gotta get my hands on it..darn, i am really wishing my derma's internet connection isn't working today. =P )

so uber tiny loot (i feel so embarassed posting'ss like, what the heck happened to you Jheng, are you in crisis or something!? LOL)

Monday, March 24, 2008

another Taylormade EOTD...

Arrrghh, after almost a week of vacation i am now back to work. Wahhh...I wish i can stay on vacation longer. Hmm, but i would miss putting makeup on since I don't wear anything at all (except for sunblock) when i'm in the province. Yep, i am trying to rest my face from makeup if i'm on vacation. So the only thing i'm excited about getting back to work is finally being able to wear makeup again.

Though i was advised not to wear makeup yet, since i have developed some rashes on my undereyes. I dunno why, i just woke up with the urge to rub my undereyes that when i look at myself in the mirror i saw some small red bumps...waaaahh! And my skin there feels so dry. I wonder what's the culprit this time.

Oh well...i just hope that my derma friend isn't going to read my blog today. hehehe..

used: Modelco Brow kit in Dark, UDPP all over lid, TM eye pigment in Twinkle on the inner half of the lid, TM eye pigment in Touche on the outer half of the lid, MAC e/s in Modest Tone from the crease up to under the browbones and L'oreal Lash Architect Mascara in Black

used: Smashbox Photofinish Light Primer, Lumiere Light Medium Neutral (Cashmere formula) foundation, MAC Dollymix blush, Shu Uemura pro-concealer on the undereyes topped with OM saffron, Smashbox Lip primer and Revlon Renewist l/s in Heart Warming topped with MAC 2N lipglass

see my swelling undereyes? and the lines? ewwww....i look so old, and is it just me or i see my neck being darker than my face? waaah, does this mean i need to get a new shade? grrrr...

when it rains, it pours....and i get so soaking wet.


my makeup brushes...

a year or maybe more than a year ago, i remember just having one makeup brush. yep, just one...and that would be a blush brush i bought from one of our trusty department stores here in PI (Landmark). I just can't remember the exact brand name, but for sure it's not from a known brand...but back then, i don't really care if it's a good brush or long as it does the job for me, it's good enough for me.
i don't really wear eye makeup back then as well, and if i do, i make use of the sponge applicators that go with the kit...or just use my fingers to apply, and blend (as if i already know what this term
2006 was the year when i started getting addicted to it MMU or non-MMU. It was also the time when i started collecting brushes, mostly face brushes for foundation and blushes...if memory serves me right, i think i have like 3-4 brushes at that time.

now, when i look at my makeup brushes, i can't help but grin because my collection has gone a long way since i started getting addicted with makeup. i am also hooked into applying eyemakeup and now, my goal is to get all the good eyeshadow brushes out there (i know i still have a lonnnggg way to go) and really learn how to make use each and one of them. i must admit, i don't know how and where to use some of the brushes i have. some of them i use in blending, when they are not really for blending. hehehe...TOINK!

anyways, here are the brushes that i use for my makeup application:


(top to bottom): CS Italian Badger Buffer Brush, MAC 187, TBS Foundation brush and Red Earth Kabuki


(top to bottom): MAC 187, TBS Blusher brush and Prestige blush brush
a closer look at my TBS Blusher brush:

EYESHADOW BRUSHES (Large) to apply colors on the entire lid:

(top to bottom): Fanny Serrano large e/s brush, Marrionnaud large e/s brush and Artdeco e/s brush

EYESHADOW BRUSHES (Small) to apply color on specific eye area like under the brow bone or i use them to apply another shade of eyeshadow on the lid. Example: I use a larger e/s brush to apply color on the inner corner of the lid, and a smaller e/s brush to apply color on the outer corner or mid of the lid. (i told you, i have no idea sometimes as to where and how i am to use these brushes..hehehe)

(top to bottom): Elianto e/s brush (small), MAC 239 and e/s brush from Watercolors

EYE CREASE BRUSHES to apply color on the crease. Sometimes, i use them to smudge colors on the lower lids (MAC 219) or to blend! :P

(top to bottom): Smashbox bullet brush, MAC 219 and crease brush from Life & Companion

ANGLED EYESHADOW BRUSHES to apply color on the outer-V or on the eye contour.

(top to bottom): Fanny Serrano angled e/s brush, Silk Naturals ultimate dual eyeshadow brush and Prestige angled e/s brush

BLENDING BRUSHES to blend colors. I know that only one of these brushes are supposed to be used for blending while the others are still for applying colors on the lid...but again, this is how i use them. heheh..i am such a dork when it comes to brushes!

(top to bottom): Prestige Shadow Sweep brush, Elianto large e/s brush and Prestige Shadow Crease brush. Out of the 3, most of you might say that the last would be the most appropriate for blending...but hey, the other two works for me too!

CONCEALER BRUSHES to apply concealer (cream or powder):

(top to bottom): Bare Escentuals Maximum Coverage Concealer brush and Sonia Kashuk concealer brush (part of a set). For cream concealers, i use the latter while for powder type-concealers i use the BE brush.


these are TIANWEI brushes...really cheap (Php30++) but it really gets the job done. I use them to line my upper lash lines.

(top to bottom): Fanny Serrano smudger brush and Prestige Lip liner brush. (grins) and i use them to line my lower lashlines. hehehhe

"FOILING" BRUSHES to apply my eyeshadow pigments wet. I am still trying to get the hang of it, so for the meantime i use these:

(top to bottom): TIANWEI eyeshadow brush and Everbilena small e/s brushes

And when i travel, i try to make them all fit in my TFS makeup brush holder...hehehe. (Somebody get me a bigger one!)

at home, i just put them on a cup (yep, a cup! picture to follow hehehe)

NOTE: i have other brushes (mostly from CoastalScents) but i havent used them yet. so basically, the brushes here are the ones i've been using everyday.

Geesh, seeing them makes me think of that idea i got from another forum, which is..."ONE MAC e/s BRUSH A MONTH." (grins) Yeah, i am lusting over their brushes...i wanna get them all. And maybe when that time comes, i would already know where and how to use them...hehhee thinking..."but can't i just get them all at once and have a MAC BRUSH-NO BUY for the next few months?"

(i wish!)

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